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  1. Sounding like the brakes. Maybe a slightly warped disk and the pads maybe sticking on in the caliper. Strip the brakes down and copper slip the slides, remove the build up of rust from calipers/carriers and outter edge of disk. See if that cures it. wheelchair access conversions | Enquire about any of our products
  2. my favorite colors are white, red, and black in shelby. But from these three I love white one because its more attractive and looks pretty luxury. Anyhow thanks for starting the thread I like your thread and its the great threa.
  3. well the photos are awesome and I think you have a collection of beautiful cars. Now I am feeling bad because I haven't attend the event. But thanks for sharing the photos. You have good skills of photography.
  4. well guys do you think spider man do this or this is just any kind of trap? look at the picture and tell your opinion..
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