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  1. Unfortunately, the follow up for the puppy is that weekend, so I won't get to go.
  2. Pizza was great, as usual. Laika is right on course, and got another dose of PRP to the left knee. Another follow up in 4 weeks, but vet says if he continues like he is, everything should be done by then. Club's pizza party in the parking lot is probably going indoors tonight since it's been raining since about midnight, and doesn't look like it's ending before 6. No rain for 3 weeks, and now we've gotten almost 3" since yesterday.
  3. Oooh, I'm gonna have to look into this.
  4. Weekend starts tonight. Seeing "Tenet" in IMAX tonight. Heading to mom's tomorrow for Aurelio's. Laika's 6 week follow up in Sat morning in Chicago. It was originally Fri morning, so it was convenient just to go for the follow-up, and then continue east to mom's for the weekend, but the schedule changed a few weeks ago. But it's only an hour drive, so no biggie. And thanks to rain we got this week after 3 weeks of nothing I have to mow the lawn when I get back Monday. Y'all have a good weekend.
  5. Looks good with the new program. Happy Hump Day y'all. Although I have a 4 day weekend coming up, so I'm well down the hump.
  6. Is this a new board that I spy with my little eye?
  7. I've got my die-cast 1/18 models displayed out of the box, but I still have the boxes, should I need to pack them for some reason. The smaller Hot Rod cars I've kept on the original card (but those are very few).
  8. Happy Friday. No car shows this weekend, but I get to see another movie. Seeing "The New Mutants" in IMAX Sat night. And thanks to the heat and dry weather, I can skip mowing this weekend and get a few other yard things done. Only upper 70s this week, instead of the 90s we had all week, so it will be a nice change, and I can turn my AC off and open the windows again. And hopefully I'll get to my door panel project, so I can put it back on the door. Kinda weird driving the Mustang without it.
  9. Unfortunately, not everybody who buys one joins Team Shelby. I know a few in our club that have newer Shelbys that aren't members, and maybe a couple that are but have never posted. No GT500s yet tho.
  10. Walking Laika this morning out back for his potty break, and he somehow managed to not see a bunny, a really small one, that was all hunkered down trying to be invisible. I'm watching for doggie land mines, and I saw the brown pile, and it looked different. Then I noticed it was fuzzy. With ears. And eyes. Fortunately, he was on the other side of me, checking out the fence line, so I hurried him along so he wouldn't find it. Don't need him trying to run after a critter. Got lucky, cuz usually I'm just following along watching my step, so he coulda walked right up to it, and that woulda
  11. My mom had a '76 Gran Torino that I wanted to turn into a Striped Tomato, but she drove it thru a really deep puddle on the road and it got totaled.
  12. Looks a lot like the '73 Gran Torino Sport that I had bought back in '81. Had the 351 Cobra Jet, but didn't have that hood. I finally sold it around '86, after I had bought the '77 Mustang II, and the '76 Cobra II.
  13. Nice. You got the fastest colors, so tracking it will be sweet.
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