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  1. The 8th SIP would normally have come out in late October and we were ready to go with it. The team has chosen to delay this important issue for just a couple of months to include some really cool go forward content that we would have missed had we printed the SIP on the original schedule. Carroll's favorite cars and trucks were always the next ones......so stay tuned for the newest SIP ........ for the "Next Ones."
  2. If the owner of the 50th anniversary Super Snake has a problem we will be happy to address it......but we can't fix what we don't know about. He or she can e-mail me directly at garyp@shelbyamerican.com. and I will be happy to help.
  3. It's a whole lot more than a supercharger. We address suspension, wheels tires, brakes cooling system, hood exhaust and a whole lot more.....Call or e-mail for all of the details. 702-942-7325 or e-mail sales@shelbyamerican.com and we will be happy to assist you or anyone else. HIstorically and current examples have proven to be a great investment.
  4. The watts link is helpful to center the rear and help it plant when coming out of the corners. I have one on mine and it is certainly helpful. Mine is driven aggressively. Contact a Shelby sales team member for specific information on how to order your 14'.
  5. Anyone needing sales information for cars should contact Tim Pittsenbarger or Jeremy Roberts at Shelby. Both are great and very qualified to do the job. Roger is going to work from his home in Rhode Island. We are still working out the details of his capacity and how he will assist us and he remains a big Shelby enthusiast. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving
  6. I'll have to get some pictures around...... The Series 1 is not the one in Terlingua. This one was the dimensional build car and the body fit and finish are especially good. There were small manufacturing differences in this car that aided assembly that should have been in place for future builds but because the program was not going to continue much further they were never implemented. This one is supercharged with the brakes and roll bar. The Super Snake is the red one that is in most of the original sales literature for 2007 as it was the first concept. It was also on the cover of M
  7. I like all performance cars and own several. I think the 13' Super Snake is a great value and here is why: You get a unique very limited production car that performs at an exceptional level. The base model doesn't include the SC upgrade but does address the brakes (all 4 corners) and cooling system that all of the buff books complain about on the standard car. The rear large caliper brakes and cooliing system were not part of the package on the older cars. It also gets you in at a slightly lower cost. The big power option is a personal choice and it is more expensive. Recent examples
  8. This is a very good question. We are fortunate to have a history with the older Shelby's and even the newer ones. The short choice is simple and certainly the answer is yes you should Super Snake the car. But the longer answer is below: You will like the look and performance of the car. The change is remarkable and it truly sets the car about and makes it one of hundreds vs thousands. You most always get the additional investment back even now for doing this upgrade. Look at current resale values vs standard GT500's. In 65 you could have bought nearly everything needed to make
  9. We like both badges......it is a personal preference.....the PBF side badges are highly sought after. Any 13' GT350 owner that wants the vintage badge can contact their sales team member to have them put in the trunk for later installation. I hope this helps.
  10. Guys, There was a running change to the Powered by Ford badge. It is certainly a personal preference as all of the Shelby GT's and the 11, 12 GT350's had them. For anyone that wants the vintage badge as displayed in the original literature contact your sales team member and they will have it put in the truck for your installation at a later date.
  11. This car on the track is unbelieveable. Just ask anyone that attended the SAAC events in 2000 -2004 or so.......Cornering and braking were exceptional and repeatable....the chassis and inboard suspension work great. This car was truly ahead of it's time. My favorite potential customer of the day drove a turbo Porsche, Vette, Viper or 360 Ferrari. They would be very competitive even today on the shorter road courses.......need more top end juice for the big speeds but on anything less than 2.5 miles or so it is big fun.....even the tighter 3 mile courses like the outside road course here is
  12. Carroll Shelby once said...."the name doesn't make the car...if the car is great the name won't matter, if it's not the name won't save it". The same is likely for the side badge. Both badges are great, we used them on all of the Shelby GT's and the 11' - 12' GT350's. It is interesting to hear all the speculation ........and no we didn't arbitarily change it and no we didn't run out of badges. FMC asked us if we would kindly continue using the Powered by Ford badge and we agreed to do so after the first of the 13' model year cars were built and delivered. If you contact your sales person h
  13. Thanks guys!! I just don't have much of a chance to get on fprums much. I will try to post some pictures of it next week. The Seres 1 is silver with navy blue stripes. The Super Snake is red and black like my 69' Mach 1 and Shelby Code Red is black with red stripes..... I will bring the Series 1 home for Thanksgiving as it is spending most of it's life in the Shelby museum right now. I bought it from a great guy that I have known for many years......and since we haven't made them in many years no employee discount.....LOL. I hope all of you are burning some rubber and enjoying your cars.
  14. Thanks guys. Love all of the cars......At least with cars you can do that.....LOL. I would really like a Ford GT but have to work on some more income generating opportunities..... if I had the income and garage space I would have at least one of each....but i don't. At least I have been blessed with some really cool Shelby performance cars and most of all a great group of friends. If you know of any Series 1 guys that need something let me know. The Super Snake and GT350 guys are pretty well connected and the cars are still new enough that it is not as much of an issue as with the Series
  15. Well after all these years I finally got one. CSX5169 is supercharged with the large brakes and roll bar. I am honored to be a part of this small group of enthusiasts that own these great cars. I lived the Series 1 days at the shop and met the customers, many of which have become friends. I got to know the car from a drawing on a piece of paper, to the prototypes and the production cars. I got to drive the cars at the track the way they were meant to be driven.....really hard. I likely have more road course miles on these cars than anyone. On a short road course they performed at an except
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