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  1. I didn't connect the dots and I have a biz event this weekend and sadly won't be able to join. Have a great time, but you can take me and my +2 off the list.
  2. Showtimes are out in Morgan Hill. I just picked up tickets for Friday night at 7PM in DBox seating.
  3. In. Possibly 4 people total. (2 Adults 1 Teenager and 1 14 month old) Possibly just me. Such is life with teens and babies.
  4. For Morgan Hill, still no showtimes posted, but planning on getting tickets to whatever showtime is closest to starting at 7:00 or just after. All their showtimes are now posted through 11/14 so I imagine next Tuesday / Wednesday is when we will see the showtimes come up for advanced ticket purchase.
  5. I am planning on going to Tennant Station opening night (November 15th) in the D-box seats. Cinelux still hasn't posted showtimes yet to enable you to buy tickets online. Closest showtime to 7:00PM?
  6. I believe that will be the weight, but the horsepower to weight ratio is phenomenal and I think we'll all be pleasantly surprised when we start seeing lap times. Saw a video today where it appears to be faster around Grattan Raceway than the unofficial track record holder, Dodge Viper ACR. It's no slouch. Will it be hard on consumables? You bet.
  7. Please put me down as a late add! Will be just me in the V Wagon as the Mustang is wearing her track shoes right now and that’s gonna be a no go in the rain.
  8. Thanks Jim, Turns out we had plans already. Ill look forward to the charity cruise in December. Have a great time.
  9. Maybe ... have to check with the family to see what we have going on. If we go, we'll be joining in the CTS-V rather than the Mustang, because no backseat!
  10. We are leaving from Gilroy early Friday afternoon to head to Sacramento. Going to have dinner in Old Town Friday night.
  11. Before finding this thread I called on 16h0091 today where it's still showing $32,400 as the price and was told the same thing, the website price is an error and it's $69,xxx like all the others across the country. Too much still.
  12. Registered for track Saturday and Sunday Hotel reservation made for Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Does anyone want to split a garage with me? I'll be driving in Red-Plus. Going to be another great event. Thanks! Jared
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