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  1. And just like that, ASP is gone and Team Shelby Arizona Chapter is born.
  2. Okay, the FB page is up and running as of TODAY and we are officially a Team Shelby affiliate! Here is the link and the logo and we'll start getting folks together. Its okay if we start of small, this club is going to be strictly top notch! Feel free to meet at the new FB site as the new website and other assets are developed. Looking for help, if you're interested drop me a line at Jeff@HyperStangs.com. https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaShelbyPerformance/
  3. Well, I was hoping for more but this is a start. I'm developing logos and I've already started to put together the social platform. I'll keep you guys in the loop.
  4. Expanding into the Phoenix area and looking to connect with local Shelby owners in the area. Noticed there are plenty of Mustang clubs but no Shelby specific organizations as yet (that I know of). Im considering organizing events, races, show participation, etc. Is there any interest? I would be happy to start a group, establish by-laws, run website and social accounts, foster a relationship with shops and dealers. Jeff
  5. Pretty much the normal wear and tear on a daily driven Shelby Super Snake. Probably needs a new clutch, a good coat of wax and someone to cuddle at night.
  6. I post so rarely here anymore, but here is a unique opportunity for someone to own a rare gem. This car need some serious TLC and she has some miles... but you won't find a better opportunity to own an amazing wide body Super Snake. Got any questions? Give me a ring... 505-259-8888. Just trying to find it a good home. $60K OBO.
  7. Tom, not sure why you would need any shims. We've run these on cars since 2012 and not one required any modifications. Did you buy them from us? We have our own specs. I don't show you in the system.
  8. I think you're misunderstanding actually. The wide body does NOT widen the wheel around the thrust line and the proper pivot point. Yes of course people run wider wheels... the Cortex suspension does NOT allow for more spacing inboard on the rears. The shock mounts in the exact same place. We have custom mounts to move the bump stop that allow more room but there is only about 1.5" to play with. I run 11.5 in the rear and its all I can do to keep the wheel mounted in the correct offset and under the fender. Nearly ALL of the wide body wheel moves OUT. This is one reason it creates even
  9. No problem Mike, as I said... always call me first so I can get a handle on what you need right away. Jeff
  10. I hate to throw a wrench in your plan, but adding the wide body kit to a CorteX suspension car is like putting lipstick on a bodybuilder. CorteX builds the absolute BEST suspension on the market, BAR NONE! But your entire suspension is based around the stock wheel offset, by moving the tires essentially out in one direction, as opposed to widening them both inboard and outboard, you're taking away virtually every positive aspect the CorteX suspension affords you. In fact, from a performance perspective, the wheel/tire setupon a wide body , keeping all other aspects of the car the same, is t
  11. Mike, give me a call on this. There are tons of Whipple Raptors out there without a hint of this problem so we just need to find the simple fix. I thought we were all patched up, but anytime you have an issue please call me FIRST. I don't want to find out about it by scanning the forums. That's what I'm here for. And in the event you still want to sell it, frankly I'd be interested in it myself. J
  12. We sold CSM No. 11, a Red Focus... recent resold for a VERY reasonable price. Personally, I think it was worth much more and someone is going to be very lucky to own it one day. J
  13. Anyone interested in one of these, I have TWO available: White and Blue Flame. Will ship free of charge. PM me or HyperStangs@Rich-Ford.com.
  14. If it says Horsepower Kings, be sure its false just for starts. There are no plans for a GT500 at this time. The Mach will likely be the next iteration, and it won't be track oriented.
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