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  1. I sold my '87 and bought an 83.5, all original, 15K miles, from the original owner. NOT been successful in the attempt to change the picture, here...
  2. I forgot the most important one! http://www.sdac.org
  3. In addition, if you're on Facebook, come join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shelbydodge/ also, Bulletin Boards at: http://www.turbododge.com and: http://www.turbo-mopar.com/forums/forum.php
  4. Great pic! Can see the reflection of the Shelby Dakota sticker, too!
  5. Morning El-NTT-ers! Off to the non-automotive related races.... (what's the joke? 'It's a rat race, and the rats are WINNING!') Heading down to Virginia, this weekend. The church which my Dad's family attended/belonged when he was a lil-squirt, (and, to which extended family members still belong), is having its 200th anniversary. Family member's ('Mawyer', dad's mom's maiden name), gravestones from WAY back when! (Remember 'The Waltons'? That's the county/area/etc. from which the Mawyer family traces its roots, and, as noted, continues to live).
  6. Morning peoples! The part was shipped yesterday....c'mon part! Have a great day!
  7. Had a cop pull up behind me, one evening, (dark out, after a car show, & I didn't know it was a cop), he would zoom up behind me, stop, drop back, repeat. Traffic in front of me on a side road, (two way traffic),...not sure WHAT he was 'hoping' I'd do. He passed me a mile later, when I slowed to take a left onto my street, that's when I saw he was The Law!
  8. Morning NTTers! One of the two guys that told me he had my part, (NOS no less) reappeared...NOW that I already located one! Well, at least it wasn't the same day I Pay-Palled the other person! 'Sweatin' to The Surveys' day, today!
  9. ABSOLUTELY!!! Occasionally I HAVE to spend a day at the desk...(eventually have to calculate & draft the surveys), but MAN do i get fidgety!! I don't know how people do it!?! (Tomorrow IS gonna be another warm one, though)!
  10. Afternoon! As Michael posted, it's a hot one here in NJ! MAY not have felt so hot, today, if it hadn't been halfway decent the past week or so, I guess. Daughter, Beth, just headed back to Beantown, nice that she's within (4+ hours) of us now, having relocated from Denver, to a new job. Son, Joe & his family heading back from Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina, not sure what time they're arriving. Back to doing field work tomorrow...
  11. Thanks! The bushing arrived today, the mount is to be shipped on Monday. My local mechanic, (no need for the trip to the specialist in Philly on THIS job), is away on vacation, this week anyway, so: the mount SHOULD arrive late this coming week, and I'll get it put in early the week after, when the mech is back. (Unless my neighbor still wants to do the job). Good to see driving it again, in the not too distant future!
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