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  1. Aside from the color, I know these had a unique sill plate. Did they also have a special or unique Carroll Shelby signature?
  2. Thanks Larry. After 27 years in Lincoln Park these last few days of riots and inaction by the Mayor threw me over the edge. I don't drive or store my cars in the city anymore for fear of car jackings and when I do drive them, I carry a sidearm (I'm licensed). Feel very sorry for those in the city who cannot leave. I've worked too hard in life to live this way.
  3. I will be moving to Indianapolis soon (North side) and wold like to get involved in the club.
  4. I entered my info a few days ago and never received the reset email.
  5. Just to clarify the plastic is still on the cable. Thinking maybe a scotch pad and some mildew remover? I've read in past posts some have removed the plastic coating, and sprayed clear coat on the cable. Was hoping to keep the plastic coating intact.
  6. Aside from replacing the whole cable assembly, is there anyway to clean this rust from the lanyard?
  7. Sure, i'm guessing shipping to 60614 will be a bear. What are you asking for them?  Where do you live? 

  8. Just light a car (preferably not your own) on fire and spray paint a building and you'll be fine.
  9. Does anyone know if this is till being sold? Had a buddy buy it for me who lives in So Cal 2 or 3 yrs ago.
  10. Andy If Attridgerm no longer needs a set of OEM SGT 07 mufflers, I'm looking for a rust free set. Pls let me know. BTW tried to message you and mailbox might be full. Thanks
  11. Found this table topper drink menu going through one of my file drawers. This is from The Quail when they honored Shelby on 8-13-2010. It was at one of the drink stations located throughout the event. Shelby at The Quail 8 13 2010.pdf
  12. At that price Reggie must be living in the trunk.
  13. Only way to 'maintain' originality on a car is to keep it factory stock.
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