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  1. 20" rims, big brakes , and a whole lotta HP. It sounds like a factory Super Snake to me, we shall see if they are priced as such! lol
  2. Another article... http://www.fordnxt.com/news/leaked-images-confirm-2019-shelby-gt500-is-real/
  3. Love the new engine name!!! Cant wait for around 2020 so I can pick up a used one! lol
  4. John Cena himself agrees with the Ford lawsuit and said they must enforce the contract. I read that in one of the very first articles. If by more interesting, you mean more twists and turns than a corkscrew, than you're certainly correct!!! Sounds like cheap advertising for John, and that could have been the intention form the start.
  5. Of course they do, you feed and pamper them!!! Spoiled, nah....more like well deserved!
  6. Great work on getting this ironed out so much earlier! Thank You SA!
  7. A month and a half out, and nothing announced? I really wish organizers could be a little more forthcoming about event schedules, or put people in place that can get it organized in a timely manner. More hype the farther in advance! JMO
  8. Mike should have got a list when he bought it? I have both parts lists from both my S.A. builds.
  9. Send it in for a wide body transformation, and rock and roll!!! Love it in black!
  10. Cant wait to see pics, I love SS verts!
  11. Good Lawd!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
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