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  1. We have an appointment at Lusso AutoSpa Henderson @6pm Thursday for a Lusso Shine. I have had them wash a few of my cars before.
  2. Count us in for the conga line down with you guys. We will meet you guys at Anderson's. We will be in an 09 white/gray stripe 500 and 17 lightning blue/ black stripe R.
  3. It's getting close and I am getting excited for this event. I wanted to know if either FatBoss or Cakli_KR of you have any new information about the people coming from NorCal to meet with "Dash to the Bash" in Barstow? Thanks
  4. DG SHELBY I know you said details to follow. Do you know the route and approximate times yet? I wanted to know because we are coming from NorCal and wanted to see if it would work to meet up with you guys at one of your stops if it happens to be on the way to Las Vegas from here on Thursday. Thank you
  5. Ahh.... ok. I bought my ticket a few hours ago. I am coming from East Bay Pleasant Hill. Yeah I would definitely be interested in meeting up with the So Cal group if the stop at barstow as well. I don't know if I can leave on Wednesday so the Thursday morning works best for me. Maybe we can drive together and get some others. Keep me updated on what you decide to do and if you want to drive together.
  6. So you will drive early Thursday morning to meet with the "Dash to the bash launch" group in Las Vegas or some place along there route?
  7. This will be my first year attending the Shelby bash and I am wondering if there will be a cruise "conga line" as there were in previous years going from the Northern California region either straight to las vegas on Thursday the 14th in the am or the day before Wed the 13th and meeting with the SoCal Group?
  8. @svtnaja I'm thinking to join you guys for the first time on at the "snakes at the lake" event. Whereas when in concord will you be meeting at? Is there a head count for people staying at the Ritz Carlton?
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