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  1. I think in some states you have to buy the car and then the dealer puts on the supercharger. Not sure if it is emission or some other useless law.
  2. My KR has the original supercharger, 20% crank pully, headers, tune and cams. It did 570 hp at the wheels when the cams were installed during the winter and 540 two years later on a extremely hot day. It can be achieved many ways but an upgraded SC is probably the easiest. I just haven’t got around to upgrading the SC yet.
  3. I just did a YouTube search for the 2020 GT500 and limited the search to uploads for the past week. On the first page there were three videos with issues on the cars. 1. Engine light comes on - misfires over 4,000 rpm 70 miles on the car 2. Clutch overheating after two passes on the drag strip. 3. Rod knock with 4 miles on the car. Not a good start.
  4. Here it is. https://www.shelbystore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Z79-BASH20-TICKET
  5. I met this guy on the last day of a bash a couple years ago. I had no idea he was on YouTube at the time. He pulled in to the parking lot at Shelby American in his 350R and he looked even younger back then lol. He is a good guy.
  6. It said it has a clear title and it looks like it’s all there. Could be a good deal.
  7. They are only worth what someone will pay. They stopped making them so what is currently available is all there is. Yes they can be repaired. If you put a new KR wheel next to a new SS wheel the KR wheel is noticeably shinier. This is due to a thin plastic like clear coat put on the KR wheels. Not all of the leftover wheels that ford sold after the end of KR production had this clear coat. I have an extra set of KR wheels with and without this clear coat. If you need to repair a KR wheel with this clear coat the clear coat will have to be removed. For a car that is driven 90% of peo
  8. You should check out this place. I have been there a few times and there is always a few cool cars and Shelby stuff for sale. https://www.billshepherdmustang.com/
  9. I think this truck is much better the what is currently offered. I love the single cab, brakes, wheels and interior upgrade. If it had a hood that looked more like the 15/16 SS it would be perfect. If it is priced right and the options are right I would be a buyer. The car is cool and if it has impressive 1/4 times I am sure it would sale. I however am still patiently waiting for a new KR.
  10. There is no chance I would trade in my KR for anything including the new GT500. I have never liked the front of these cars however I do own a 2017. Black wheels are boring but I could live with them if they are carbon fiber. There are way cooler and more practical cars at that price range. With that said I like the automatic and the HP numbers and there is a 95% chance I will buy one when the ADMs go away. 😬
  11. All the 2015 and up mustangs are like that. Ford had to repaint my trunk and rear drivers side fender. The trunk alinement was so off that it caught the rear fender and chipped the paint. It fits perfectly now.
  12. He will buy a set for $1,500, ruin them by powder coating, and then sale them for $2,000 a wheel. lol I would have been interested but I just found out my car is the wrong year.
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