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  1. Multiple things happening this weekend here. Cars and coffee tomorrow morning, then a mustang cruise to lunch. Sunday another CC, wash car ans load her for track time next weekend.
  2. Is anyone else having an issue getting here?? When I click the link of notification, it errors out?? Some fine upgrades to this site??? 😛
  3. He doesn't drive them now!!! He probably would not drive them much in the future..
  4. Ran Road Atlanta a few weeks ago with my GT350R. Still smiling just thinking of the weekend track event.
  5. Doesnt he typically do that??? So we can all drool??
  6. I am sorry this has happened and it is tragic I agree about usable HP, but who decides "usable? I have 737 HP at the wheels of my 2007 GT500 and I consider myself an adult? Do I need it, NO, can I handle it? In the proper situations, YES. Should a young 20's something have that much HP??? Who purchased the car? MOMMY and DADDY? There are alot of things wrong in this world today. Can we control it, NO. Sorry my rambling. I somewhat agree Goose about useable HP. But, HP sells cars. This is the HP wars of the 70's, how may died back then?? Was there simili
  7. Does he know that or are you stalking him??? 😎
  8. Morning... Hey Car Dude, hope all is well in your part of the nation. How's the landcruiser doing??
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