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  1. I pulled the #2 cylinder plug and it looked almost brand new. Cleaned it up a bit and reinstalled. Probably less than 15000 miles on these plugs.
  2. The decision to replace all 8 was more of a financial one. $67 for one coil pack of $235 for all 8. Seemed like an easy choice. Of course I'll have 7 good used coil packs available if anyone needs some!
  3. I moved the number 2 coil pack to cylinder number one, reset the codes, and drove the car. Now cylinder number one shows the misfire. Glad it’s just a coil pack! I think I’ll order all eight and replace them all since the car is 10 years old.
  4. I am wondering if it could be an injector... it cleans up at different RPMs. Maybe the injectors just need to be cleaned.
  5. P0302 Cylinder 2 misfire detected.... The car started running rough after hopping hard on the throttle getting on the highway. I have never changed the coils and it is probably time to change the spark plugs again. I've got the NGK iridium plugs in my car, but not certain what heat range to use (6, 7, or 8). Any suggestions for a 619 HP car?
  6. Cool that Shelby continues rolling out new Mustang offerings. I'd really like to see a fully designed Shelby Sports car again in the not too distant future rather than a hopped up Mustang. I know it is costly to design and build a car from the ground up, but with the Shelby name and a good economy it would sell. Maybe a modern day Cobra or Daytona? That would be epic.
  7. New model never seen before.... New Series 1 or similar? I'd like to see another new Shelby designed car from the ground up.
  8. Sweet ride. Those Eco boost cars are fun.
  9. Don't bad mouth the Vette.... you're likely to get people riled up on the C8 Forum!
  10. Thanks! It is very close to Stryker Red which is a 6 stage paint. If you ever had a scratch or rock chip on a 6 stage paint you would be permanently screwed. Trying to get that to match would be impossible. This is a single stage paint and for a car that will be driven the proper way to go. Right now I'm going back and forth with the dealer on the final numbers and having to correct them multiple times which is a little annoying I must say... but they finally got it right. I guess I have to pay for it now!
  11. Thanks fellas. 2 1/2 years searching for the right Viper to purchase. This GTC is part of the 1 of 1 program and customized from the factory. Then the previous owner completed the Prefix 9.0 Stroker set up with heads, cam, headers, exhaust... 755 HP at the crank and ALL MOTOR. Going to be a fun car for sure. I'll post a photo in the near future.
  12. Thanks Keith. And in other news..... https://youtu.be/7QuqLp9FzYs This should be in the garage soon in between the 500 and Backdraft Cobra. Triple snakes... all with Shelby lineage.
  13. I have put a few on the ignore list. It does help. Not you just to be clear. Later Mike 

  14. Mine is Vista Blue/White. This was at Caffeine and Horsepower in Weddington.
  15. +1 on 275 front tires.... major improvement.
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