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  1. I have no idea if anyone is even looking at the GTS stuff anymore. It appears that it's been hidden among all of the other car types. I'm wondering if anyone else is having issues with their Baer Eradispeed brakes? I've had multiple issues with brakes shuddering, pulling to one side, or just making a lot of noise. SAI replaced them about a 12-18 months after I received the car. The brakes worked OK for a few months and then the problems started all over again. We're now stationed in South Korea and the brakes have gotten so bad that I want to do a complete replacement. The local Ford dealer, w
  2. Steven, I went to order the 14" front brakes on SAI and noted the there is a difference in price for the same rotors ($845 front vs $749 rear). Other than a name change (front vs rear) they appear to be the same thing. Could you please tell me what the difference is in size, shape, materials, etc?
  3. Sorry ... for some reason I read right by it! I don't think I need the rear but it's obvious I'll need the front.
  4. Thanks for the information. So the front rotors are the same size as the rear, 14"? And I just noted that the attachment says it is not used on the V6 ... which is what I have.
  5. There are two numbers. On the sales receipt it's 12GTS0034. On the certificate that came with the car it's 11GTS0034. Since it's a 2011 I've always used the 11GTS0034 number. The plaque that came on the car was actually pried off the center console on the first overseas shipment.
  6. I have a 2011 GTS convertible. I'm having issues with the fronts brakes. What are the specifications on the all of the brakes; rotors, pads, etc? We are in the Army and the car has been shipped to South Korea. The brakes have always been a challenge but on the trip to St Louis to turn the car in for shipping the brakes felt like they were going to shake the car apart. It had never been that bad before but it came at the end of long spate of "accordion" traffic. Could I get some help please?
  7. I was told by SAI that I had to have the spoiler installed before it was sent to them for production so the striping would be correct. I had the car delivered to Gaudin Ford to have a GT500 spoiler install. The 500 spoiler looks great but they actually painted the gurney flap red. I was astounded. Gaudin told me it looked great but I didn't agree. However, I had the car sent to SAI with the flap painted because I didn't want to miss the production timeline ... which was missed anyway.
  8. I agree. We had the GTS interior added, after production, by Gary Disney and was told it would be added to the SAI records. Are these numbers correct though? We have the only cyclone convertible for 2011?
  9. Does the GTS program exist any longer???
  10. Well, it appears you have good luck; not that $20K is that much money with these guys. I have the paperwork and emails to back up my claims. I'm sure that SAI does have another story ... not that I'm interested in hearing it. I just gave away my 500 and the GTS will go soon. I'll be looking at Saleen or Roush for the next Mustang. I do not trust anything SAI has to say.
  11. tjys

    Gts Gone

    I cannot agree with your observation on the market lukewarm (or cold) reception to the GTS. SAI wanted the GTS to be an entry level Shelby for younger buyers to get them into the Shelby market and build loyalty. Great idea but very poor marketing and execution of the GTS program has been its limiting factor. One, the few kids on Mustang blog sites that actually know what a GTS is after I tell them compare the parts that are applied to a GTS build against what they can purchase from AM and realize there is a huge price difference. Of course, their next question is ... why am I paying a
  12. I'm planning on going but I'll stay at my brothers home close by. Is there a cost associated with this?
  13. tjys

    Car Mats

    If you find out how to do it I would be interested for the right price.
  14. tjys

    Ordered Gts

    The GTS didn't come with a spare plate, or it could have been stolen in the original shipment to Hawaii. I was amazed to see what was pried off of the car using DAS auto shippers for our cars. It's been a terrible experience using DAS that I wouldn't wish on others. They are claiming that they knew where my wife's car (and my 500) were the entire time their tracking site said "no record" (on both) and they were looking when I called them. I learned a long time ago that flaky companies will not put bad news in writing and these guys followed suit. I'll see if I can order another plate ...
  15. tjys

    Ordered Gts

    I was told that the Procharger voids the warranty. However, SAI warrants their parts for 12 months. Confusing? Black stripes look really cool on red and I really love the look my wife has made it very clear that if SHE was ordering the car it would be with white stripes and chrome wheels. So much for appreciating what I got her for coming home safely from Afghanistan. I've offered to put the Procharger on the car but she doesn't want to have anything to do with a supercharger. The custom interior from Gary Disney will be installed within two weeks and when if finally happens I'll post pi
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