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  1. I've been a member of Team Shelby since I bought my 2011 GT500 back in 2011. Last week we purchased a new grabber blue 2017 off the lot. She's now sitting in the garage with 36 miles on her.
  2. Awesome! I use to work at the John Deere dealer across the street, haha. I'm headed into the Fort next week - would love to come by and check the place out!
  3. Awesome! Will these pictures be sent out to members that attended Team Shelby does Dearborn?
  4. Jer, are these available yet? I would love a matte black Team Shelby decal for my car. Thanks, Cameron
  5. We also had a great time at this event! It was my first time to a Team Shelby event - and certainly will not be my last. Thank you to Sharon & Robert for a very well organized event; still having a hard time deciding what part was my favorite. Ready for Team Shelby does Dearborn 2015? Cameron (Grabber Blue Rental Mustang GT)
  6. I am looking to upgrade my brake rotors and pads. Aesthetics are the main reason, with performance being second as my car rarely see's the track. Does anyone have experience with this kit? As well, over time does the black finish remain?
  7. My brother purchased a 2013 Focus ST this fall. Very fun car straight from the factory, and glad Shelby is doing their part to enhance the experience! 2010 Raptor / 2011 GT500 / 2013 Focus ST
  8. Hey, I know there are a few guys on here from the Edmonton area. Just took my car for a spin around the city and ended up being followed by a Kona with blue stripes 10-12 on the high level. I stopped by the Freedom Ford car show yesterday and there were only a few Shelbys in attendance. Maybe we should organize a Shelby meet?
  9. Any tips on getting the stock shift lever cover off of the stock shifter ball? I forcefully got the shifter ball off the shifter, but can't get this little accent piece off. 2011 GT500. Black track stripe delete, black with grey shifter ball. Thanks in advance, CV
  10. I am a Sales Consultant at a local John Deere dealership.
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