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  1. I don’t have your type of car. My 07 GT does this too. Yours may have an adjustable suspension for different driving conditions. Check the owners manual then select a mode for less performance.
  2. Its on my calendar. Any more details on the event. I registered for track and for Carlisle.
  3. Dan, I live in North Central Maryland. I have a 2007 White Shelby GT. Have would participate in events close by. I am signed up for track day at Summit Point on May 31. Jim
  4. In 2012 I did my first track day. The most important piece of advice I was given was to change the brake fluid. It was suggested to used DOT 4 for its higher boiling temp. That day another Shelby lost its brakes and had a mishap probably due brake fluid as the pedal was soft when he applied it.
  5. Not sure, need to rethink my route and I was planning on trailering my car and am booked at the Silverton for Wednesday already. Will decide once I see the registration package.
  6. Looking forward to my first Bash. Coming in from Maryland.
  7. Tracey, Received mine two days ago. I really like the items. One issue the calendar is beautiful but having just received I its only good for three months. Suggest that there be switch over at some point to next years calendar. Jim
  8. My shop did remove and repainted the scoop as well. They did a great job.
  9. I took the plunge and replaced the vinyl stripes with painted ones. Really happy with how they turned out.
  10. Washed it after it was out in unexpected light rain yesterday. Full day planned for next Saturday.
  11. I second the FRPP KR mufflers as well. The cold air intake would probably be right up there too.
  12. A couple of months ago I changed the sway bar link setting. After which I noticed a clunking noise. I too thought Strut bushing. Took it to my mechanic and he drove it, then put it on the lift. He retightened the Sway bar links, really torqued them down and no noise afterwards. Cheap fix and worth a try. JIm
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