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  1. It looks amazing; I'm surprisingly excited to see how "SHELBY" is on the trunk.
  2. I thought this would be posted here pretty quickly; there was a video that showed the driver too. Looks can be deceiving because the guy looks like if he were sitting next to his car he would be the kind of person you want to be in the future, a respectable person who has the car of your dreams - a goal. Then he does this: He shrugs it off like its funny that he almost ran children over and to be honest I don't think he thinks of this as a big loss to him. Edit: Also, here is the full video.
  3. I agree, this is kind of sad. He turned down $20Mil for that car and now its being sold.
  4. Every year this is the coolest car show for me to monitor; just an awesome event and I'm glad to see pictures every year.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvFOQEhQrN8 The on board camera of the #68 car.
  6. I have two predictions: One is that ALL production vehicles will eventually utilize solar cell technology which will lead to odd body styles that are made to maximize surface area, keep the weight (and cost) down, and not cause too much drag on your car (electric or not, drag is loss). What kind of solar cell technology? A technology called Quantum Dots, a very interesting chemistry that likely holds the future of running cars off of solar power - however; I am not saying the solar power will be the lone power source for vehicles but it will be standard. In fact, there is a car out there that
  7. Awesome system; the sky is the limit now.
  8. Excellent information that really leads down to the lesson being get your car, specifically your car, tuned. I really love diving in to the technical aspect I just fear breaking anything that might be mine, ha. I don't know what kind of fuel you ran during your track runs but that is also something to consider - somewhere on these forums I showed a few calculations on how fuel affects these things and I can't agree enough on the effects of a good cooling system! P.S I think I'll take a look at that book you recommend - I'm a chemist for a living so we were cut from a common stone in proficie
  9. The Ford GT crashing a month ago took some weight off. I hope Ford does well!
  10. While it would be a logical impossibility for me to attend I do want to send my regards because it is a tragic story to hear.
  11. Oh yea; this (first video) happened nearby in a Chicago suburb I believe. We had annoying unseasonably cold periods in and out of April when this happened.
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