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  1. Ill be going to the first three stops myself on the hot rod power tour. This year ill be driving my 1951 willys truck. However ill watch for your gt350, Ive got car #49 here in ohio also.
  2. I just replaced my original battery from 2011 this week. The motorcraft battery lasted longer than any battery i ever had. So im going to stick with motorcraft.
  3. You wont go wrong with a gt350. These cars will be priceless someday.
  4. Nice ride. Buy it. You'll enjoy every mile you drive it.
  5. Did you put a cold air intake on the car and re tune it to run into the 11's?
  6. I ran my car down the 1/4 mile and the clutch pedal stuck on the floor. I had to get rid of the pedal assist under the dash on the pedal and i also replace the line going to the clutch with a upgraded braided line. That solved my issues so now I can Get On It....
  7. Did you find car #39 yet? Ive got car #49 here in Ohio.
  8. Do a Jon Lund tune. That will give you almost 750hp
  9. I never received anything with my car when i bought it. 2011 gt350 624hp
  10. Im always cleaning brake dust from my wheels on my gt350. I know exactly what you are going through. Not sure if there is a cure.
  11. I use southern california moving company. Al Davis 951-296-8374. He transported my shelby gt350 from Vegas to Ohio in a timely manner and everything was done with care. I highly recommend this company.....
  12. Its fun sometimes to get these old threads going again. Ive still not decided rather to put a CAI and a Jon Lund tune on my gt350? But everytime i read about these mods i get the bug to start making more horsepower........ Im sure others on here can relate.
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