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  1. GT-C on the stripes would have matched the GT-C door sill plate. Would have been cool if they did it,but I imagine it's cheaper to have the same side stripe on all of them. The only different side stripes are for the GT/SC package .
  2. That looks like the correct one. The filters were originally treated with a blue oil,when they dry out they look gray.
  3. Thought that was you. The Wild West Ford club is still very active in Cheyenne. You will probably see them for the RMMR. Might check for events on the Western slope, Grand Junction usually has a lot going on. Enjoy driving the Mountain roads, I moved to Florida and most of the roads here are flat and boring.
  4. I do not have them,but I always thought these looked good. https://www.silverhorseracing.com/SHR-Flush-Mount-Quarter-Vent-Louvers-pair-UNPAINTED-for-2005-2009-Mustang.html?category_id=593
  5. You can get them here. https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store/p350/*PRE-ORDER*_SHELBY_GT_BEZEL_(BEZEL_ONLY).html#/
  6. You can get a replacement from Shelby. Replaced mine about 5 years ago. Check the Shelby GT section there is a thread that covers hood scoop issues.
  7. One like this ? http://www.championmustang.com/modern/6513-shelby-custom-fit-car-cover-w-free-storage-bagbrfont-colordc143cbpick-your-colorbfontbrfont-colordc143cbfree-shippingbfont-p-1082.html
  8. You may want to post this in the Shelby GT forum also. Some have swapped out their mufflers and might still have the old ones.
  9. Since moving from Wyoming to Florida 3 years ago, two of the things I miss the most are The Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup and the Annual Shelby Collection party. Always a great event,got to met Bob Bondurant and Allen Grant just to name a few. Have a great time whoever is attending. Say Hi to my friend Mark from Cheyenne, he won last years GT350 give away.
  10. Funny reading my old post from 2011, currently the car has a little over 24,000 miles. So I have been driving it.
  11. As far as the tires go the originals would have been BF Goodrich. Which was more of an all season tire. The Goodyear Eagles you have are a better performance tire than the original. Every body has their favorites, if you ask 10 owners what is the best tire you might get 10 different answers. Depending on if you take it to the track,cruise it or everyday drive it. 08 Shelby GT convertibles are great looking cars enjoy your ride.
  12. Spoke with a guy last month at a cars and coffee. He had supercharged his GT 350,was putting out somewhere near 850 HP. After talking for a while he kind of regretted doing it. That much horse power is great for bragging,but he couldn't put it to the ground. He said it went from a superb handling car to one that spun the tires any time he hit the gas too hard.
  13. Check shelbyauctions on Ebay. They sell discontinued stuff from SPP. https://www.ebay.com/str/shelbyauctions/BRAKES/_i.html?_storecat=8726521013
  14. Had a vinyl/window tint company put on new stripes. Oracal has a match for the stripes.
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