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  1. Well said and I'll just keep getting on the list. Dodge dealers were asking crazy numbers on the Demon and I was able to buy mine at MSRP, drove it for 6 months and flipped it. Didn't make what others asked but still came out on top. I'm not looking to make a killing but I would love to add this to the stable with the Super Snake and thinking of adding a KR just as a daily driver. Right now I drive my 2015 Charger Hellcat as a daily and its great. Best MPG I have gotten is 24mpg which is great for the power it delivers. And great for my kids and wife to get in and out of. Ford should have made
  2. I have called dealers all up and down the east coast, as always they know nothing and just add your name to a list. Anyone got a few good dealers and salesman to touch base with? Many thanks
  3. Cool thanks for the info, now to find a white one with the Electronics pkg at or below MSRP
  4. So I have been searching the net and I see on some Window Stickers it says Electronics pkg, and some say Convenience Pkg. Both are 3k and same options. Wonder why its not called the Tech Pkg as I have read on the forum??
  5. Just tried to reserve one for Charlotte, no luck....no one has a clue what I was talking about lol
  6. Card will be in the mail tomorrow. Same here as a motorcycle rider myself it's a shame people don't look for us. If you can't see me, I'm sure you can hear me though!!
  7. Welcome, awesome car!
  8. Thank you all, tomorrow we celebrate his Life!
  9. Lost a great friend and co- worker over the weekend and love and miss my fishing buddy. 50 is too young!!
  10. Sorry guys, boss has changed his mind on drop shipping anything, and he will not sell to anyone west of the Mississippi. long story short we sold over 15 Raptors last year and every one of them ended up in Canada.
  11. MSRP on a Raptor is crazy, over 6k of them are built!!!
  12. The 13 has the new Ford MyTouch and its a totally different in center, also HID's when you get the 801a pkg. Inside you can tell a difference, and if you look at the headlights. Otherwise they look the same.
  13. Not sure why you wouldn't be able to??
  14. Guys I can place retail orders for you at $1500 over invoice and have the Raptor drop shipped to Shelby for you. We will handle all taxes and registration for you to show a post title. Let me know if you are interested. Ed
  15. For Real, I'll order at D-Plan!!!
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