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  1. Do you still have your black S GT wheels you picked up from Shelby a couple years ago?

  2. That would be great if you could take a few pictures.

  3. I'm looking for a set of 4 2007 SGT OEM black wheels. If you have a set lying around, drop me a note please. I know there were a ton of them about 18 months ago, not seeing as many these days.
  4. Yeah, the site seems to have lost some of its luster when there were a few key departures of SA personnel. Also, there really hasn't been a ton of innovation on the Mustang side from SA in a while. The best thing I have seen was the Terrilingua offered for 2015//2016. Overall that was a very nice ride but it was a lot of bolt on parts, stickers and a tune. Things you could basically do yourself for a lot less money. The F250/F350 move is a huge shift in direction but again, it is a lot of bolt ons with Shelby decals. Hopefully SA is regrouping and putting something really special togethe
  5. I've got a new car coming in later this week or early next week (I hope) and I'm going to have the PPF coating applied and then a ceramic coating (not sure which is the correct order ....).
  6. Still hasn't stopped. The car is pretty much a miler now - Texas Mile, Colorado Mile etc. KB 4.2, ported upper intake, KB Bigun intercooler, running C16. Tranzilla transmission, 20 gallon ice chest, 8 pt cage, minimal interior etc. putting down about 1250 rwhp.
  7. @ around $15 a year, buy both and forward calls to the one domain to the other.
  8. I searched and didn't see anything on SPP
  9. I like the build, just don't like the use of the SS designation, but it is a moving target, things change. Why not go turbo since they are starting a new integration of the SS.
  10. Sorry if you have received this inquiry individually already, but I'm trying to find a good garage/mechanic to work on a GT500 for someone. Would like it to be in or around the Ft Collin's area. And of a quality that you would recommend to that friend you really like as well as a complete stranger.
  11. Hope you got a good $$$ deal on them as they are very expensive otherwise.
  12. Such a great story - I like to see the guy(s) getting their whatscoiming!!!!
  13. The best way to get answers to these types of questions is to pick up the phone and call them. Of course they are closed today, which is perhaps why you posted.
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