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  1. Do you know if there are any F14s that don't require any modification?
  2. Whatever it is, that scoop is freaking nuts.
  3. Alright, I want to follow this saga. I think the result will look great.
  4. Do you know if that whine caught any '11s? I think I have a similar problem - low speed whine from the front end when turning?
  5. Yes. This. And your front tires are not like new.
  6. Zebras FTW. But I think the OP just found a picture of a car that's designed to mess with auto journalists. Haha
  7. He did, just saying that the Invos I got give me the heebie jeebies when I'm hopping into the car because of the bulge.
  8. Ok, not to beat the horse here, but I just mounted 295 Nitto Invos on the SVTPP wheels, and boy do they bulge at the bottom. Nitto's wheel recommendations say a 285 will fit on a 9.5", but for a 295 you should run a 10". In hindsight, I should've gone with the 285 Invos. *** The Invos do hook incredibly well compared to the stock SVTPP rubber, especially in colder temperatures.
  9. Does anyone know when the next breakfast is? I don't see one for May listed on the calendar
  10. Aaaaaaaaaaand I have to step in with this comment. The hood is good ol' metal. There is not a traditional "lift," as the triple internal bypass Fox shocks (that were designed by both Ford and Fox) increase ride height while adding a foot of travel in both the front and back. The rear electronic differential will lock at ANY speed, and the skid plates have absorbed landings that betray impressively poor judgment by some owners. Regarding the Baja, save for suspension and safety upgrades, the truck was essentially stock (read: engine, drivetrain, brakes, frame, etc.). So yea, the Ridgeline that
  11. KEEP the SVTPP wheels. They grow on you. That's all I have to add here.
  12. Hey. Hey. We're done discussing anything fact-based or helpful regarding the ZL1 in this thread.
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