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  1. If you get a dyno custom tune you will not have a copy of the original tune. You would have to take the car to a Ford dealer and reflash the original tune but then you would have to remove all the performance items also. You should just consider that the parts and custom tune are permanent.
  2. They are beautiful cars to look at and admire but I prefer the late models for comfortable driving. The 428 and 427 had the same issue as todays cars when it comes to getting all the HP/TQ on the ground without roasting the tires.
  3. When evaluating 91 vs. 93 it depends if the car was tuned for 93. If not, then a number of factors play into that sensation of added HP/TQ, such as air temperature, engine heat soak, air density, altitude, etc. Most western states do not have 93 at the pump so we look to speciality tuners to get as much as we can out of 91octane without risking the life of the engine. Fortunately Ford gave us a lot of room to tweak.
  4. Congratulations on the new car and welcome to Team Shelby. You have many of the mods that took years of trial and error by our members
  5. Welcome to Team Shelby. Having two Shelby's must be double the heartache when bad weather sets in. We look forward to seeing pictures of your cars in that beautiful countryside.
  6. Congratultions on the new car and welcome to Team Shelby. Please post a picture or two when you can. I have read several of the postings from our 2014 members and the technology couple with the raw power makes for an amazing ride. Once you get to the warmer weather you'll have to let us know how she performs.
  7. She looks pretty sweet to me
  8. I am not certain if welding is necessary or not but if they are necessary I would appreciate the everyone's insights. I didn't weld in my BMR adj. brackets but I don't think the BMR brackets are going to twist like the thin walled version the guy used in that SVTPerformance link above.
  9. Awesome information. You need to post more often
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