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  1. going to probably buy some more sod tomorrow and maybe cover it with some straw to protect it from the heat.........then will probably have my lawn guys mow around it so it doesn't stress the new sod.
  2. you are lucky, the sod I put down is dying in the summer heat here in TX. May have to turn on the sprinklers again........
  3. I got errors on the PM function, but if you go to the bottom of the menu and click "go to inbox", it brings up PM function, kind of odd but it works. Also got some errors when trying to access some topics.
  4. put down some sod this afternoon because the local weather is calling for rain. I set the sprinkler up just in case the rain bypasses the area.
  5. Bronco-Smonco..........its a V-6. Hopefully nobody is dumb enough to pay that. Secondo was right, might as well buy a new one. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay $31k for a 1990's Bronco unless it is White and in mint condition. . Speaking of White Bronco's....... Rumor has it through a friend of mine down in Miami, is that OJ, when vacationing in the Miami area, may be making himself available in the future to quietly sign new Bronco dashes for $500 per pop "cash on the down low," if and only if you know the right channels to get through his people. Could add some future co
  6. Like it or not the new big grill on the BMW is coming. Most manufacturers are switching to larger and distinctive intakes. It’s not just a case of form following function. There have been design studies done that show that evocative grilles cause a stronger reaction in buyers. It is part of psychological studies done borne out of facial recognition. The human brain is designed to quickly recognize “friend or foe” as an evolutionary survival mechanism. It is based on parameters such as eyes size and shape, mouth shape, cheek position, etc. It’s why you see that ridiculous grill on a Lexus and w
  7. Ford didn’t call it an R model because that would have been stupid from a marketing standpoint. There is no reason to have 2 cars with similar designations within your own brand that would give a customer the perception that they compete against each other. It’s called cannibalization. The GT350 was purpose built to be a track car that is street able. The GT350R was designed to be a serious track weapon and could also be streetable if one chose to do so. The GT500 was designed to be a boulevard cruiser with drag strip capability right out of the box and then they also offered it with a CFTP u
  8. The really isn’t some complicated "calculus" to Buying a new Shelby GT 500. There are plenty currently available and plenty being sold without ADM’s. I just checked a couple of websites yesterday and there are 126 available within 500 miles of Dallas, TX. 4 of them were even available at $3000 below MSRP. Several dozen were available at MSRP and the remainder had an ADM of $2k to $20k. The ADM is of course is wishful thinking in today’s market. It is a buyers’ market right now. They are not that rare and Ford is cranking them out daily now. The only ones not so readily available are certai
  9. Thank you for the positive feedback on my write up. The write up I did was also re-posted by others and shared over on a couple of other Mustang/Shelby sites and hopefully was of some help to people who were concerned about proper break in procedures. Welcome to Team Shelby. Congrats on owning a GT350 and glad to hear your car is running well.
  10. Nothing like some youtuber setting up 50 or so individual choking hazards for their dogs and cats....... just so they can get "clicks"...........
  11. Their website and forums are in the process of construction/updating. You may want to call them directly via phone. to see where you would need to send your resume. 702-942-7325.
  12. I got my fertilizer down. Ended up using 8-10-10. Also ended up buying some pelletized iron for quick green up. It called for rain this weekend but that didn't happen so I had to run the sprinklers. Yard is already greening up nicely though. Amazing how fast he iron supplement worked.
  13. we have plenty Rattlesnakes here too. No problem with Bears but we do have plenty of coyotes that freely roam a fairly densely populated neighborhood. Wow, that must have been one smart bear to remove the little flowers from your hummingbird feeder. Those little red flowers around the feeder holes are important because they help attract the hummingbirds. Hope you were able to get it fixed. We mainly get the black chinned hummingbirds around our neighborhood.Dallas.
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