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  1. I agree with the Pilot Super Sports
  2. Merry Christmas Rob, Say hi to Tana
  3. I had Suntek film applied over my stripes. They went up to the heat extractor. The film makes the matte stripes glossy. The Suntek film is very hard to see and the heat extractor seems to break up the change. Most people don't notice and the film is doing a good job.
  4. Nice car, I bet the driver's ears would be ringing pretty good after a couple hours of turbine exhaust next to his ear. The exhaust looks like it would generate downforce too.
  5. If you have found a Jiffy Lube you really like and trust that's great, bring your oil and filter and save yourself the hassle. It is all about the people and how it is run. I used to take my truck and other daily driver cars to a Napa oil change place in town for the same reasons until one day when I came home in my F350 and found it a quart low. No big deal I filled it up. Then later that afternoon I took in another car to the same place, when I got home it was a quart low too. I called and complained and they were very apologetic. Seemed like a scam to me. After a few months I took my tru
  6. Mine squeal too. Lots of dust, but they work good
  7. I am very disappointed in SA. Jer has helped me several times. He is always positive and very responsive. Best of luck Jer!
  8. Here are photos from our trip to Las Vegas with a stop at Miller Motor Sports museum. http://realtime.smugmug.com/MillerMotorsportsPark/ http://realtime.smugmug.com/ShelbyFactory/ http://realtime.smugmug.com/ShelbyBash/ Had a great time
  9. I just talked to the folks at the Mandalay Bay yesterday about parking too. Nothing special for parking, they suggested the complimentary valet parking. They also told me that all the hotels provide complimentary valet parking. I would think you might get better treatment if you give them a decent tip though. I must admit I hesitate to hand over the keys to my car, I can count the number of people that have driven it on one hand.
  10. With the crate motor for one of these cars costing $30K I would hesitate to park it in the same place day after day. Especially when they know you won't be back until after work. jmho
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