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  1. I recently saw those pics on facebook. They were labeled as from 2011. ________________________________________________________________ As a Bash first-timer, not sure what to expect. I ordered our Bash tickets on the first day. Got a confirmation of purchase email from the Shelby Store. Should I expect anything else before we arrive at the Silverton? (Not attending SoCal events.) Really looking forward to it! Hope the weather holds out--forecast of rain the day we leave the Bay Area. Paul
  2. Just an update. The codes never came back after reading and deleting. I did go to Walnut Creek Ford for warranty work: The inside rearview mirror was loose and vibrating at certain speeds, hard to see anything in it! The mechanic couldn't get it to stay tight so the service writer ordered a new one. I had to come back, and they installed the new one, but the factory wanted photos, so he had to send them and I had to wait for them to respond. The factory refused to cover the repair, but the service writer finagled something and I had a fixed mirror. I had called Livermore Ford f
  3. For those of us at starting points other than L.A., are there places and times we can pick up our credentials in Las Vegas? (My first Bash.)
  4. I got my neighbor to bring over a code reader. The second oxygen sensor on the right bank was noted. He erased the code, the check engine light went out. Next day I drove the car about 40 miles and the light did not come back on. Monday I got it smogged, yesterday I got my CA plates. I'm wondering if the ethanol across the country had anything to do with the codes? CA gas hasn't set them off yet... Now to figure out a good personalized plate. Thanks for the tips, and the suggestion for Walnut Creek Ford. How can I post photos?? I can't get them from my desktop; I can't upload
  5. Thanks for the input. I'm kind of familiar with Serramonte Ford. They used to sponsor Nor Cal SVTOA, but threw us out because we didn't sell enough new cars for them. Their parts guy and Ford Performance rep Mike Kelly is the best. I bought my Lightning at Fremont Ford. Service was okay back in 2001. Haven't been there is years. We bought a 2014 Edge at San Leandro Ford. They took care of that fine, but a Shelby? Same with Livermore. They take good care of our 2016 Explorer that replaced the Edge, but for some reason aren't calling me back on the Shelby. Let's see if anyone else
  6. Hi Guys (& gals?), I just got my new 2104 GT500 home from Virginia. It had an intermittent check engine light on the way home--4800 miles! (total <10k miles; still under warranty) Since its from out-of-state, I need to get it smogged so I can register it. Before I can smog it, I need to read and fix/erase any codes from the check engine light. I have called my local dealer (Livermore Ford) several times yesterday and today, and all I get are voice mails for the service writer and mgr., or a receptionist. No one calls back. A search found nothing. Can someone re
  7. I just did! Drove the 'new' car from Richmond VA to Maine and back to TN. About 8 days up & down the Eastern states. Had lunch today at Tampoco Lodge in NC, and settling in in Nashville. Start heading west tomorrow to that good 'ol dry weather.
  8. Thanks. So far so good. Just a bunch of thunderstorms.
  9. Thanks everyone. Will look into all.
  10. I picked up my 'new' 2014 GT500 in Virginia. Still under factory warranty. Drove it to Maine to visit family. Now on our way to do the Tail of the Dragon. Then, we will head home via Nashville/Hwy 40. But I will need a minor service around Nashville. Are there any Ford dealers who could do that plus check for codes (engine service light is on--did it once, then went away. Did it again today)? I've seen the 'Google stars' reviews, but have no idea if they are good with Shelbys. Also, any recommendations for nice hotel/motels in good neighborhoods? Thanks for any help.
  11. Thank you! Car had only 4752 miles on it when we bought it. I just found out this morning that I am the 3rd owner! Leaving tomorrow am for Maine, then home to SF Bay Area.
  12. Hi everyone. I'll be flying out from CA and picking up a like-new 2014 GT500 this weekend in VA. I'll be staying in Richmond until Monday, then driving up to Maine to visit family. The car will need at least an oil change (minor service?) before I get too far away from Richmond. Can anyone recommend a trusted dealer along that corridor? Thanks. Paul
  13. Interested. But now buying a Shelby and wife says not any more jackets. Will just have to keep wearing my 'Ford' windbreaker.
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