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  1. There was no special parking last year,just a spot in an open blacktop parking area near to the main entrance.....nothing special,but as for for this year i dont know!
  2. That would be too bad if that was the case,I said a while ago that the new GT would be far more reaching for SA and the potential for it opening up the doors for so many more people to get an upgrade for their cars from Shelby including the automatic owners as well!
  3. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me the total number of Supersnake builds on the new 2016 Mustang GT that have been built by SA and authorized mod shops since the 2016 car came out and SA introduced the SS package for the GT? It would be very interesting to get a feel for the demand!!!!!
  4. The market is only as good as the demand for them! Many people now won't buy them because they are so high in price!I sold a set back in April (first run wheels) for $2,000 which were take offs from my car,a couple had small scuffs on the edge which were almost impossible to see however I struggled to sell them through Team Shelby for that money!!!!
  5. Good luck guys,i looked for one on here and elsewhere years ago........had to settle for a "special edition" one instead!!! Then again,that works as mine is a special edition SS!!!!
  6. Sounds like a cool event for sure!!! Can you keep me/us posted on any further Shelby/Mustang events or future Shelby Europe run in the future. I would be interested in bringing my car over to Europe in the future to participate in events and meets/shows. I'm aware that the US based SRE has not happened in the past few years for various reasons but was also wondering if you are planning anything similar to what you have done before!!!!
  7. Give me a shout when you are looking at some cruises,we only come down during the winter months from BC,Canada and use our car down here. Look forward to maybe joining some of you guys on a cruise!
  8. I'm sure there will be,so I would assume rthat will be announced soon.However,usually SouthPoints room rates are excellent and super hard to beat for value,the Buffet is really well priced as well (Bellagio for example is around $25 for Breakfast Buffet) and the last time we stayed it was about $8.95. We also found the hotel rooms a good size and the hotel overall excellent,plus as most people know who have been before the Parkade is super easy to get in and out of as well.
  9. Even more interesting would be how many new European Mustang owners will be "Shelbyizing" their new rides.....SuperSnake etc.? I am on one of the UKs Mustang sites and there are loads of members posting that they have ordered new 'us tangs and are awaiting delivery. It's going to be a very interesting situation over there in the next year or so.........watch that space!!!!'mm
  10. One of the best parts of the Bash is TS members staying and hanging out together,to separate seems kinda dumb to me!!!!In 2014 we stayed at the South Point for the duration of the Bash,our first time ther and really enjoyed all that it had to offer (we have previously stayed at The Bellagio,MGM (yuk!) and the Venetian during previous Vegas visits. For the remainder of the Bash/Mustang 50th we had booked into the The Plazzo but once there really wished we hadn't pre-booked there and missed the relative calm,our new found friends and room costs less than half the price of the craziness of th
  11. Great suggestions,thanks for taking the time to put together some ideas,now is there anybody taking notice of ideas????!!!!!
  12. I have a 1:18 die cast 2007 Shelby GT500 in Tungeston Grey with black stripes. This car was bought from the Shelby Store at the old Las Vegas location in 2009 and is signed on the roof by Carroll Shelby. The car is stil in the original box and comes with the original Certificate of Authenticity that came with the car. I paid $175 for it then and many signed cars that are around are going for anything up to $1000! I would love somebody else to buy it and treasure an original signed car,so I'm asking for $275 for it. I will entertain serious offers if you are interested and you c
  13. Thanks for your response Michael (I knew you would!!! Lol!) I totally hear your comments and intent,and as Tracey's thread about suggestions and ideas from TS members was just what was intended as well and there was plenty of suggestions for all bodies involved in organizing for next year. Many of us here did respond on that subject just recently with ideas etc so I'm not quite sure what you mean when they have been given but you are still asking for input and ideas!!! I know that there have been many non track events in all shapes and forms but to say there was overwhelming suppor
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