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  1. Heads (Ports) can make a HUGE difference. Just look at a Chevy Small Block compared to a Chevy Big Block. A big block of equal displacement will eat a SBC up. All due to port size and configuration. More air into the chamber gives you more air to compress which leads to more cylinder pressure. And again, there are *two* ways to increase power. One being "cylinder pressure" (i.e. compression). Phill
  2. DAMN I wish I'd never left the area. There's ALWAYS something happening between SJ and Monterey. With a population of nearly 500K in Co. Springs, you'd think we'd be thick in car related activity but not so. Man, I SOOOOO miss California. Well, the Central Coast of CA (LA SUCKS!). Phill
  3. Did you "Call Him"? Or how about go to the KMS area? I've had a few discussions with him. Most recently about the "New" 427 S/C's Shelby is making. Oh, and the 50th anny. 427's that are being made. He confirmed my information, that the ("Continuation") Cobras Shelby American sells today are just rebadged Kirkham's built to KMS specs (not SA spec like someone else thought). Phill
  4. It shouldn't have. At least if all things are equal (Compression Ratio/Cam Timing/Etc). There are only two ways to make Torque (Horsepower is a product of Torque & HP); Displacement and Cylinder Pressure. With only 1 cubic inch delta/difference in displacement it should'a been a dead heat. Unless, like I said, the CR changed in '71 due to SMOG constraints. Phill
  5. David Kirkham (President/CEO of KMS) frequents the club cobra web forums. He's very available to answer questions there. clubcobra.com Phill
  6. Which would explain why the 428 SCJ would eat up the 429 SCJ. 1970 was the last year of high compression for smog control (NOx) reasons. EXAMPLE: A 1970 350 LT-1 had 11.5:1 compression ratio. A 1971 350 LT-1 had 9.0:1 compression ratio. Phill
  7. There was a guy here on Team Shelby from Colorado Springs, CO that had a 2012 upfitted to a Super Snake and drove it daily...Rain, sleet or snow, it didn't matter. I can't remember his screen name but I'm thinking it was "Blackout". His real name is MK (Mike) Suckach if you want to search him out. He's still here in The Springs as far as I know but did sell his Super Snake after having wayyyy too many problems with the build parts falling off and/or breaking. None of it due to him driving the car in bad weather but from a really poor quality of the build (and some other issues with hid
  8. First, the rumor also says it's the same engine being used in the Ford GT, just like it was when they brought out the FGT and the subsequent GT500 before. Fact is, there won't be a V-8 available in ANY form pretty soon so if you don't want a V-6, you'll be SOL and driving 4 bangers for the rest of your life. And it's not just Ford. That'll be across the board. Personally, I'd almost be willing to put a few bucks on a wager saying you won't see a future GT500 from Ford either. FoMoCo has already said that but the blogs and online sideline QB's are the ones who keep saying that.
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a "C&L metal air tube"??? I know quite a bit about cars and that one escapes me. Phill
  10. Oh, okay. That was probably right before he got fired. If Gary D. was still there, Gil was still (technically) employed there, but off for a medical issue. Phill
  11. Yep. Along with Terri (the lady who ran the gift shop) and Craig (the guy who was the LEAD of Super Snake production). All 3 in 1 fell swoop. All right after Gary left. Now, the only one I can think of that Carroll Shelby personally put in place right before his death is Gary Paterson. Phill
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