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  1. Finally... got the car running with a replacement stage 3 computer from FWD performance.. just needs a set of tires and front alignment to be road worthy again...
  2. Well... everything is together but the car refuses to start.. no spark.. I have replaced the power module, distributor pickup, gone through just about every wire there is between the logic and power modules... still no spark... I have fuel. Injectors are pulsing.. spark plugs are new, no spark... this thing is driving me nuts...
  3. 2009... hard to believe it has been that long ago... car has sat for that long, pretty sad.. but the good news is I am actually working on it.. But again, decided not to paint.. I just want to get it running and drivable again.. I’ll worry about paint maybe next winter.. Now that the kids are older it easier to get out of the house.. Speaking of kids, my son has been helping with the project.. and he has been a big help also... We trailered the car to his school where he replaces the clutch, throw out bearing and did a brake job with new pads and turned disks.. After we trailered it
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone..... Nothing new to report, It has been too cold to work on the Shelby in my un-heated shop. The freezing fog also puts a dampening on getting any type of paint work done. Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and a joyous new year.... Brian.
  5. Grabber, I am in White City, basically a suburb of Medford (Southern) Oregon. The car is out at my shop 13 miles from my house. Steve, Any chance you have some type of picture of the gusset on the 89. There used to be 2 of them running around here but I have not seen either in at least a couple of years now. Thanks. Brian.
  6. Finally got smart and grabbed the shop camera for some better pictures...Took a few shots of the installed control arm. Also welded up the crack in the frame. The front section had some pretty thin spots and the weld looks like crap, the rear section turned out much better. I will be welding a triangular patch plate over the crack to give it some more strength in that area. Brian.
  7. Update, I have not been able to work on the car as much as I like due to Holidays and my work schedule. But I am progressing slowly. The Caravan control arms are installed, they took a little coaching with a dead blow hammer, but they are in and tight. Overall a great update compared to the originals. I have been going over the engine compartment and replacing all of the worn out vacuum hoses and such. I also discovered that my turbo's coolant and oil supply lines were both leaking at the hose fittings. The coolant hose was an easy fix, just a 2 inch piece of hose and a couple of
  8. I have thought the same thing, except that the only body damage on the car is just behind the driver side door, and it is a real small dent....I think it was run off the road and ran over some fairly big rocks.....there is other evidence under the car to support that theory also. Brian.
  9. A little history......at least my history anyway. I bought this car 10 years ago for my wife to drive to college (we were engaged at the time). It was sitting in a field commonly used by owners for selling their cars. I called the owner who told me that he bought the car from a car lot auction that went out of business for his son. His son decided that he wanted something bigger and did not want the car. I took it for a test drive and gave him an offer of $650.00 which he accepted. The only thing wrong with it at the time was that the charging system was not working. Traced that down to a
  10. I am in the process of restoring CSX #701. I am doing it while keeping the car drivable. Currently I have it tore down to do the paint and body work. Had a friend of mine back into my passenger door which prompted me to remove the front sheet metal for the paint work. I am also updating the front suspension due to the passenger control arm being cracked and I also found a big crack in the front frame cross member under the radiator support. Anyway, I thought this would be a good place to due a little build log on this car. Brian.
  11. Steve, I was afraid you were going to say that...... Looking closely at the beltline weatherstip, it seems like it is stapled on to the trim. I have a 88 Shadow parts car that I am going to take its trim off the doors and try my hand at making my own. Will post pics if it works....may take a while since I am in the process of doing some major front end work on the car. Thanks for your input. Brian.
  12. Anyone know where I can get the proper weatherstripping for the doors on my 87 CSX? Mainly the belt line and around the windows.... Brian.
  13. Hi, just joined the group. I own 1987 CSX #701 that I am in the process of restoring. Currently I have the front end tore apart and am working on painting it. The passenger door got backed into by a friend of mine so I have replaced it with one off a 1988 Shadow parts car. Brian.
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