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  1. As I look back over the years, the forum reminds me of an upside down pyramid. Years ago there was lots of activity, info exchange, banter about things Shelby etc. Now, it seems like days go by without anything coming in from the forum. Such a shame. And how long has the promise been out there of a "new" upgraded forum? But instead, we have this POS which has continued to deteriorate and give us nothing but error messages. My renewal is coming up and I'm going to have to think long and hard....sad.
  2. It's one error after another nowadays. Click on a link and more than likely you'll receive a timeout error. The move to the new software was supposed to have happened long ago, but all that's happening is error after error in the old (current) forum software. Not a surprise that participation seems to have dropped way off. Just sayin'..........
  3. Tony's right. In CA you're dealing with zealots, not rational individuals. But, heck, you know that, you live there!
  4. As a former Californian, before escaping in the middle of the night, I can tell you that CA and especially CARB doesn't care a whit about SEMA, attorneys or anyone else. They are completely autonomous and as egotistic as one can imagine. They know how much influence they wield and really enjoy it. Not only that but they kneel at the altar of the green new deal. Having said that I'm sure CARB will reasonable and sensitive to our requests, needs and suggestions...
  5. That would probably work. I went with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and I like the way they feel, and they are a little quieter than the Goodyears. Good luck and let us know if that works out okay.
  6. I don't track mine so haven't thought of it. I'm not sure I'd want to though, since when making a sharp backing maneuver the front tires sometime will rub. Especially if there's a bit of a bump or dip I'm backing over. I decided not to go with the Goodyear when I finally had to replace the tires due to age.
  7. And you'll find lots of info, pics etc in this thread: https://www.teamshelby.com/topic/32199-grabber-orange-thread/?tab=comments#comment-496291
  8. We all keep our finger crossed that we won't have to use the insurance. I know there have been several discussions over the years about the pros and cons of various companies and the prevailing concern has always been the cost. Although the cost is important, I think coverage is the most critical. Unfortunately some of the companies change from year to year and one has to be careful that an important provision isn't affected. Good luck with your claim.
  9. So...who was this "collector car" insurance company? Sounds like you'd have been better off if the car hadn't been recovered and you could've started over.
  10. Beautiful car...and a SS automatic to boot.
  11. I think the limitation is on the post itself, not the thread. I just posted the above pic of our previous SGT as a test and it worked fine. Was your file too large?
  12. I'll play...something you don't see all that often...........
  13. I looked seriously at buying a donor Mustang and having SAI build this exact car. I just couldn't get past the graphics. There were actually a couple of different graphics packages as I recall but I was really set on the original SGT. Fortunately we found a nearly new 2006 with only 600 miles on it...deal done!
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