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  1. That's the setup I have. Fantastic in the dry, haven't driven it below 50 degrees or so. Absolutely. And I am no stranger to limited traction situations, by any stretch. What blew me away was how much worse my car behaved on wet roads with the MPSS tires than it did with the stock Goodyears. *THAT* was a total surprise. They are significantly better on dry pavement, no question. But their grip on a wet road is maybe half what the Goodyears have. I've broken traction with the GY many times, and was able to predictably gain control again with ease. The MPSS just sent me fishtail
  2. I wouldn't recommend the MPSS tires if you ever drive your car in the rain. They are unbelievably scary when it gets wet. They are fantastic tires in the dry, but I found myself in a ditch on a wet rainy day.
  3. You're in the right place, I just don't think anyone else here has installed that same kit yet. You get to be the first, and tell us how it works!
  4. Thanks Tony, good to know. The Michelin PSS tires are fairly sticky too, definitely gravel magnets. That alone didn't help in wet situations. I don't put very many annual miles on any of my cars, so I'm not overly concerned with tread wear ratings, especially if I can get fantastic grip both wet and dry.
  5. Thanks Rob. Almost done isn't quite accurate though, the insurance dance was rather delayed, and work just started on my car Tuesday. So, it will be a little while yet. No worries though. I've been doing some research on the tires, and I'll let you know what I find out. The S-04 isn't made in the OEM GT500 size for the rear, but the RE050 is, and is highly rated for wet performance.
  6. The very best performance tires I ever drove in the wet were the Firestone SZ50, which has been discontinued. I ran those for years on a '98 Cobra, two sets on the front, three on the rear, and they never once gave me any drama on any surface. Unlike the stock BFG tires that came on that car, which got downright scary if the ground was wet. I've been told that the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position is the successor to the SZ50, but I haven't used one myself. Contrast that with the GT500. While I was never happy with the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tire in terms of outright dry perf
  7. I am tentatively planning on driving down for the 50th... In my 1978 King Cobra.
  8. You didn't read my post very thoroughly. No tire will be as good in the rain as it is in the dry. I was perfectly happy with the performance of the stock Goodyear F1 Supercar tires in the rain. I was led to believe by many reviews and articles that the Michelin PSS tires were the best in the rain of any performance tire. That could *not* be farther from the truth. I have a set of Toyo R-888 competition tires on another Mustang that perform better in the rain than the PSS tires I put on my Shelby.
  9. Michelin Pilot Super Sports suck in the rain. Don't ask me how I know. They are a fantastic tire in the dry, *significantly* better than the F1 Supercar. I ran a 12.3 quarter mile at 119 with the PSS. The first time I drove in the rain with them on, I couldn't slowly pull away from a stoplight without spinning the tires. I bought the PSS in large part due to their claims at being fantastic in the rain (I live in the PNW). I didn't expect them to stick like the pavement was dry, but I sure as hell expected them to be at least as good as a 6 year old Goodyear with 10k miles on it. Nope.
  10. I've noticed that most of the aftermarket exhaust systems for the late model Mustang are very quiet at idle/low RPM, but get loud when you're on it. Personally, I would like a bit more rumble at idle. I don't get enough opportunities to open it up, and would love to hear a bit more attitude when idling or cruising.
  11. Ha! Thanks. You got yours done in 1/3 the time it took me. I plan to have a hoist by the time I ever have to do this job again, or I won't be the one doing it. I'm well past my 300 mile break in now, and getting more aggressive. Can't wait to hit the track! Enjoy the ride.
  12. A fantastic event as usual Rob. Thanks again for all the work you do to host this annual gathering.
  13. The pictures I took today at the Meet & Greet didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, I'll try to get some better ones in the next day or two. Hopefully this gives you an idea!
  14. I bought them used, from a gentleman who wanted 20" wheels all around on his car. He bought a second set, then sold me the 4 19" wheels. One pair of tires was shot, one was like new, which was exactly what I needed since I wanted wider rubber in the back. I had the good tires dismounted, the correct TPMS sensors installed (the 2010+ sensors won't talk to the OBD computer on the older cars), and remounted. I will need to reprogram the sensors, and tell the computer the tire size has changed. I am taking my car to the big meet hosted by Grabber this Saturday, will have plenty of photos then
  15. I haven't heard of anyone having your exact problem, but I can tell you that the factory clutch has caused a lot of problems for a lot people. My factory clutch gave up at 9600 miles. Installing a better clutch seems to solve the vast majority of the issues people have had, with the SPEC SS-trim and the McLeod RXT being the top choices. I went for the SPEC unit, and am halfway through my break-in period. Soon I hope to really put it to the test. I agree that the factory shifter is no good, I just installed an MGW, and while it is far better than stock, the remote style shifter certainly h
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