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  1. +3 on the invalid link. I’m using the quote so you will get notified. Good luck with the sale and thanks.
  2. The SGT’s came with a slightly different muffler from the Bullitt (GTA on Carroll’s vs GTB on Steve’s). Both are a bit mild for my taste if you are sticking with stock system up to the axle back. The KR’s were developed for the 2008 / 2009 GT500KR. They sound great as do the Borla Atak. No drone with either - very important with a convertible! (I have both, KR on my GT500KR hard top and Atak on my vert...and I love they way they sound with the top down).
  3. No issues with connecting Dustin. The Southern Indiana shown and cruise circuit here has been impacted, but there are several Shelby enthusiasts and Shelby owners who are not familiar with Team Shelby. The local Cars and Coffee has some work to do, but the folks just over the boarder just restarted last month and the turnout was great. I got there a bit late, and not a great parking spot, but lots of good enthusiasts to talk to. https://m.facebook.com/owensborocarsandcoffee/photos/pcb.156652319378233/156651362711662/?type=3&source=49&__tn__=EH-R
  4. mfield2a


  5. I’m a couple of hours south of Indy. I make it up there a few times a year. (Pre-COVID that is). inSAAC is happening (as of now) in Oct: http://insaac.org/
  6. Went with a stock 2013 belt, took out timing at WOT. Added a touch of fuel at mid and WOT. She barks great now!
  7. Nice KR. I’m confused by the $2k headrest comment though.
  8. No. If you want a to carry a spare you have to get the donut.
  9. Did anyone catch the gauge pod in 33420560 ? it’s rather a California Edition or has the now unatanium NA pod set installed.
  10. This car has been known in the community as “Whitey”, however in the wake of what is going on in the world today, I expect that will change. Still, if you do a search for that word in this forum you will find a lot of history about this car.
  11. I think he was looking for it in 2 5/8. Those you can not find any longer.
  12. The part you are looking for needs to be for a 2007-2009 California Special (aka GT/CS). You’ll need to call your local Ford dealer parts department and they can look it up under the correct parts diagram. Call back whoever sold you the wrong part and tell them you are filing a claim with the BBB under CA law for false advertising. CA loves to fine companies for that kind of stuff.
  13. My 2008 still had the fuse installed when I wired in the GT-H driving lights. 🧐
  14. Plus the off-set on wide wheels is such to help prevent fender rub.
  15. Nice. Grilles were having some for issues, so they were making some adjustments. Facebook has had some good updates.
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