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  1. Looks like a nice setup. Which kit is this?
  2. I have this system installed in my vert, to my knowledge it is both Cellular and GPS based. http://www.myskyway.com/skydoc/SmartAlert/FrostandSullivanAward.html
  3. Totally bad ass. Nelson would be my engine builder of choice.
  4. Finally experienced my first 1-2 shift grind. This occured under hard acceleration (+/- 6000 RPM) on a section of road with an uneven surface. It felt like the drivetrain 'bound up' after some wheel hop. My 2010 Vert has about 2500 miles on it. Am dissatsified with the factory shifter linkage and plan to remedy this with a MGW shifter install. The stock shifter seems to have excessive throw, plus I have noticed that it sometimes takes a second try to totally engage the trans into the reverse position, where I feel a slight bit of slop either in the linkage or synchro.
  5. Lo Jack = dependant on local towers. SmartAlert = GPS. Hence why I installed SmartAlert. It wasn't cheap, but am extremely pleased thus far... http://www.myskyway.com/skydoc/SmartAlert/FrostandSullivanAward.html
  6. I guess I must be abusive towards SBCs, because I sure never neglected maintaing them. Over the years have experienced about 25-30 SBCs and 1 Olds BB come apart with the occasional honor of having the ubiquitous connecting rod bounce off the pavement while watching it in my rear view mirror prior to coming to a screeching halt. Only had 1 - 1988 Ford 5.0 HO come apart which in all fairness held together even though the rings lined up on the #1 cylinder. By the way, the designers and engineers of the 5th generation Camaro dropped the ball. They should have used the 1969 RS SS Big Bloc
  7. This shows that elements in Ford are petty and parochial. Thank you Blue for taking the time to share information that Ford should have been willing to provide to its customers, particularly considering the premium we paid for these cars.
  8. Thank you for sharing this footage. Very cool perspective and the video quality was excellent. This camera must have a decent frame rate...
  9. Thank You for taking the time to explain how they can customize stripes for our cars. This sounds like they have a CCM machine that measures coordinates on a 3D grid which means the fit should be as good as factory if not better. This past spring I added 3/16" black vinyl stripes along the edges of the factory red stripes and it totally changed the appearance of the car for the better. That said, my work was so-so as compared to a professional outfit so it may be worthwhile to have them redo these accent stripes. Will give them a call soon to discuss logistics, pricing, etc... I used to li
  10. Phil, Does this outfit sell custom length stripes? The reason I ask is I am planning on buying the SS hood, having it painted performance white and want to install Colorado Red stripes to match the rest of my car... Thanks, Rod
  11. Beautiful car in every respect, if I didn't already have a 2010 vert with the colors I wanted, this one would be #1 on my radar.
  12. 10-4 Carl, thank you for the kind words, If the weather isn't raining, storming or blowing too much dust, I will pull out the vert make it over the Sewell this Saturday- will hollar at you. Rod
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I wanted to order a 2010 from Sewell, but Andrew Petersen had already sold his allocation. Will need to swing by next week to take a close look at this car, provided a roughneck doesn't snap it up first. He also said that he was debating acquiring one of the new GT350's. Rod
  14. I wouldn't do business with the guy, he is not straight up.
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