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  1. Hi Gents, Im pretty sure this has already been talked about... Rear brakes. Anyone do upgrades. What did you do and why? Want to upgrade the rear brakes like the stock original Brembo brakes. Thanks in Advance KR Mac
  2. Hi Gents, Im pretty sure this has already been talked about... Rear brakes. Anyone do upgrades. what did you do and why?
  3. On the side note of this topic. Has anyone installed their kit on their KR's or just kept them in the box?
  4. I have an earlier 08 and the clutch had a cool hissing sound when depressed. It had chatter within the second year (09-10) and I had the TSB done (Thanks Grabber for all that information). Still running strong and its 2019.
  5. Hi Gents, Been awhile since I've posted something on the board and this was probably answered already. Does anyone have a fix for the KR hood vents. one of mine seems to be rattling a little more than usual. Thanks Mac
  6. A little off the topic... But has anyone had any problems with the vents rattling?
  7. Someone said that the light blinks letting you know that the ignition won't start without the chipped key... it has nothing to do with the actual alarm going off when the doors are locked and someone opens it. Its also a visual for anti-theft. Not totally sure but thats the response I got from the dealership.
  8. The Color is awesome and the 14 SVT wheels look good (I don't even think i'll change them)! Was debating over the two but had to go match my KR. It looks killer with the windows tinted. What percentage did you go with for the windows?
  9. +1 …. I had to do the same. Got a 14 SVT special edition to keep the KR company! These are great trucks
  10. Wow a lot of feedback on this thread…. Thats Sweet!!!!! Still breaking it in and having fun!
  11. Hello All, Just picked up my new Black exterior with Black and Brick Red interior… Awesome truck!!! Breaking it in slowly but its fun to have even breaking it in. Man I want to step on it and I can't say how much fun I'm already having in it like my KR. This is one BAD A$$ truck to have. Anyone recommend anything that I should do to it? or something to look out for? Any thoughts would be great cause as far as I know it works just as fine
  12. I got NItto 555 front and 555R for the rear
  13. I just got some myself so I'm also curious what tire pressure for normal street and drag. Also I have 265/35/20 nitto 555 in front so does anyone recommend a pressure for that also? Anyone with experience is greatly appreciated. Mac
  14. Kevin (CSX4833), I know looking at the pics or even from afar in person it seems the rear wheels stick out (They just have a lot of meat and looks muscular)... but they do not stick out at all and have no rubbing issues at all. At first I was a little hesitant but then I punched it over and over again and def no rubbing issues. Since you have a 12 I think you can even go with 10's in front 275 and 11's in the rear 315's.... (PM me and ill send you some info) added another pic and just snapped a rear view pic with my iPhone (below) ... and check out the above #3 and #5. If you nee
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