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  1. Well aren't you just the funny guy! :P
  2. This was a very scary car to drive at speed on the track, like Sean said, handling and brakes were just about non-existant, the tune needed a lot of refining also.
  3. Thank you David I really enjoied it, alway nice to take someone's toy from enjoyable, to eye popping fun! We'll see you at the track on the 4th And here's a poser shot of David's car..................
  4. Interesting discussion here I think I'll let this play out a little bit more before I jump in.
  5. I think we should get all the facts before accusations are thrown around!!
  6. So let me understand this.................. You posted on a world wide forum for doors for your 85' T-Top car, but since the doors would have to be shipped it's not worth it for you to buy the doors and have then delivered to you???? This would be like the guy who lives an hour from me and thought $50 each for complete perfect no rust, power doors was too much money: You people absolutely blow my mind, I will drive where ever need be, to get the parts I need, and or pay whatever in shipping. These are the next classics, as I'm sure you know, nice parts are getting
  7. Thanks for the pictures Tom, usually I shoot a lot, this year I think I only took three pictures, and they were just of the view.
  8. John you keep leaving out the drinks!!!
  9. You realize that people aren't as soft as they look when you run over them.
  10. It was very well taken, drew a nice crowd the whole time, with lots of pictures taken, then a clone Barricade from the Transformer movies parked next to it, it was a parked next to a Saleen police car, that drew it even more of a crowd.
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