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  1. I used AED and they were awesome. The two owners were very organized, you could eat off the floor in the shop, they gave me a lot of great advice for other options I wanted to add (I also did shifter, one piece driveshaft, clutch and suspension) and the work was perfect. They were busy, they get calls and emails all day long with questions so was a little hard to initially get their attention but once they knew I was serious it was all good. Install went perfect and everything looks OEM. If you're in NorCal this is the place to go.
  2. Mine did the same thing. In my case the "ring" on the light switch wasn't all the way off (when you can feel the detent) so the light stayed on but eventually the computer apparently overrides it so your battery doesn't go dead which is why it goes off in 20 minutes.
  3. I just had the FRPP 750 HP kit put on my 2010 that came with the bigger pumps however the tuner said they get could the same or more power AND safer with the BAP so I went that route. He said Ford does it with the bigger pumps because its cheaper. And FYI the 2010 is a unique animal and has some special wiring requirements specific to the 2010.
  4. Brian, you are luck as AED is absolutely the place for you to go. I had a ton of work done there, FRPP 750 HP kit, cooling package, suspension/clutch and they did a phenomenal job. Its just a two man shop with Drew as the installer and Shaun as the tuner. These two guys are perfectionists and you could eat off the floor. They are a little hard to get a hold of, probably because they are wrenching all day, but the main reason is they get so many questions from guys who are just "researching" and they could spend the day just answering questions and there is no receptionist. Once I got in t
  5. Bendpak discontinued the one post parking lift, can anyone recommend who I should go to for a one poster? Thanks
  6. I just surfed ebay and found an OEM wheel at a great price, that way you know it will fit over the brembos. Just know when you put it in the trunk tire well it will stick up about 1.5" above the floor.
  7. I saw they recommend a 10" wheel but I have several friends running them on a 9.5" wheel with no issues, but not on a mustang. Just trying to see if they will fit under a 2010, I have an adjustable panhard bar so ;d make some small adjustments if necessary. Anybody with a 10 running them on a stock 19 wheel? Thanks
  8. Anyone know if the Nitto NT05R in 305/35 19 will fit on my stock 2010 with a 19" OEM wheel? Thanks
  9. Id like to buy two OEM wheels for the 2010 in 18", good shape and reasonable price. Thanks
  10. Since you have the stock wheels I'd put them back on and run it first. That extra sidewall will make a difference.
  11. I had the exact same thing, but with OEM brakes and it was warped rotors. No track time just spirited driving. I don't know if I heated em too much on a single occasion, or if they were not tempered right from the factory but replaced the rotors and it was like driving on glass even when braking. Completely fixed it.
  12. What I'm looking for is which brand should I buy for a good quality fit, and definitely which brand to stay away from. I'm going to have rear diffuser installed by a body shop, just need to know who to buy from. Thanks.
  13. Going to do the rear diffuser, spliiter and side rockers in CF for a 2010. I did a little research here but a lot of it was dated or sort of hearsay. I'm particularly Interested in a good fit, especially the rear diffuser. Anyone who actually has it can you give me some advice, its to expensive to just guess, and if you had a bad experience that's also helpful. You can always PM me if you don't want to put it here. Thanks
  14. Just picked up the 750 HP FRPP package but I need an installer in the Bay Area of California with expedience. North bay even better. If you know someone who has experience can you flip me the name. Thanks.
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