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  1. I am currently running the stock Super Snake Pireili's Been meaning to change them, but have to to do so. Would much rather have a PS2 up there.

  2. I am currently running the stock Super Snake Pireili's Been meaning to change them, but have to to do so. Would much rather have a PS2 up there.

  3. Lee what Michelins do you run on the front?

  4. I run the 12's with a 335. Mine hit the dust covers on compression so I had to remove them. They also hit the bumpstop bracket, but it was at full flex so I cut them just to be safe. I am running 1/8 spacers just for a little extra clearance.
  5. I have the Griggs Lower Torque arm along with there relocation brackets on my car with my 12's and have no issues. I am not running the watts link (dont think you need it on a street car).
  6. Bingo!! So you either need to spend $4000 on brakes or buy some 1/4 spacers.
  7. I was really impressed at how well the SS did. Its a heavy beast VS a 2450lb featherweight.
  8. Yes it would, but we are not talking about much movement here. If both sides hit when compressed the issue is distance between. One difference we have not talked about is rotor hats. Which rear brake system do you have? Mine are the upgraded Baer rears. If yours are stock they might have a thinner rotor hat then mine. That might effect your overall with enough to cause this. By the amount of rubbing shown in your pictures I don't think a 1/8 spacer will do it. I think you need a 1/4".
  9. The tire will fit in there. Mine does. If you are too close to the frame (for whatever reason) you "should" have excess room outboard.
  10. Thats really crazy. My 12's do not do that. If you jack one side up untill the bumpstop hits does that tire rub? Did you measure your rim? Maybe its a little wider than 11 3/4. I think I would put some 1/8" spacers on and see how it does.
  11. I think the studs are a long way from being the weak link in the rear end. The stock limited slip, then the pinion shaft, then ring gear, then axles. I would even put the u-joints and driveshaft up before the studs. If you were running slicks at a strip often I think rear end breakage on these cars would be very common. As its stands right now on the street, even with 335's I still do not get the traction to put all this power down. With that said, there is still something wicked cool about tire smoke pouring out of the fenderwells in 3rd gear at 75mph! Especially when there is some
  12. Yep. Thats what I come up with too.
  13. I might try and make it out, but if so I will not be in the Mustang. I have not changed anything since its last dyno.
  14. I have the Shelby Kicker system in mine. And I am actually from San Antonio. Really like it. Night and day compared to the Shaker 500 I had in the car before. I would recommend it. You are welcome to come listen to it anytime.
  15. His should be exactly like mine. Everything is tight as can be! They will hit the shock boots. Drive and perform great!
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