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  1. I use to live in Greensboro but moved in 2002. Go back every now and then. When I lived there Ciener Woods was the dealer of choice for SVT (its actually in Kernersville). Not sure anymore.
  2. Did some testing this weekend with my '07. Quarter mile times were the same with of without the wife in the car (and she weighs a bit more than 100 lbs). To be more accurate with the test the weight needs to be on the front but I am having a hard time keeping her strapped to the bumper... ............I hope she doesn't read this..
  3. My a$$ sometimes calls people when I sit on my cell phone... Anybody with these keys ever come out to an already started car or a grinding starter?? Call me old fashion but seems easier just to stick the key in the ignition and turn it.
  4. Just a tune.....What about the supercharger used?
  5. Reading my most recent magazine from Shelby it appears to me that the '10 SS upgrade for the verts get the 725+ hp packaage.... Is this correct? For my vert I was limited to the 605+ package. My car is an '07. Were changes made to allow the greater hp in the verts and if so what were those changes? Nothing listed in the Shelby Pkg that I saw so I am guessing these changes (if any) were made by Ford.
  6. If it makes you feel better just remember the 12-20K markups on the 2007s.........MSRP was a great deal then........
  7. Depends...If you bought the '07 when they first came out you cant do it for this price (more like $100K because the car was $65 to $70 before upgrade). Only other thing I see is the bigger supercharger which Shelby will not put on an '07 vert.....I know cause I have one. Had to go with the Ford Racing 625 package....however, there is a reason for that. Wonder if the 2 piece drive on this car was changes and what they sis to reinfore the body (if anything) to handle to torque. My guess is nothing so if you get on it and get it to hook up you will seriously damage the car. Thats not She
  8. Wife just called and said UPS left "something from Shelby".... I suddenly feel sick and must leave work Yep....Got mine!! CSM07SS0520. Just wish it was cold. I look like a dork walking around San Antonio in 80F wearing my new jacket!!
  9. I am in Hollywood Park (Red '07 SS 427 Vert). Tell me when and where and I will show up!
  10. Anybody know the production numbers broken out for each year yet? I have data that says 2,694 GT500 Verts were made in '07 and that only 524 were built red with the reb/black interior. I am trying to drill even further for my car to see how many '07 verts were SS's and then how many got the 427 pkg. Also be interested in how many of these were red with red/blk int.
  11. Cooling a liquid lowers the vapor pressure which make the fuel more "dense". This messes up your volumetric efficiency (fuel to oxygen ratio) and the result is poor performance.
  12. Looks like everyone who is receiving jackets have low CSM numbers. Could that be the method of distribution???
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