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  1. I just talk to rick on the phone from Ken Bell , I have daul blade 75mm throttle body with the GIMME 5 5" CAI (Cold AirIntake) chrome tube , it came with a 5” chrome tube and blue filter, car runs smooth , just idle a little high idle on car 850 , they says it’s normal?
  2. I did install the throttle body, chrome tube the air filter, but the idle is better, but A little high, the said that it’s 850 which they said is normal ,would really like to be 700, I was told to call John Lund racing , I did talk to John Lund senior ,he said may be able to get 800, because of the large throttle body, I guess that may be ok, better then 900 Or 1000 rpm
  3. First I like to say thank you for all the information, I do have an update, I waiting for Kenne belle to do my tune, I sent my data sheet, my 4 digit code from my PCM catch code, you were correct about everything you said, it’s going to be $1200 , the old throttle body can not be updated to new tune, I going to receive a new polished throttle body, new filter, new piece between filter and throttle body , I don’t know plastic or rubber? He also told me that I couldn’t adjust anything will be locked out of tuner, that this should fix high idle, he said normal idle 690-730, also 750 hp, I not re
  4. So this is the situation now, I never received my tuner from Shelby when I paid $46000 for my super snake upgrade back in 2009, I called Shelby performance parts, they always send me to Austin at Shelby , he is no help at all!!!!! he recommended going to JDM performance because I’m northeast, they recommend turning screws on super charger, NO CLUE THERE, I called Kenne Bell superchargers, about 6 times to help me getting a tuner, also sending 10 emails with pictures of super charger, vin number , serial number, super snake number, picture of the super charger, Rick finically answered the
  5. I think my idle is close to just barley below 1000 it’s definitely to high, Austin from Shelby told me to go to a place called JDM, he recommended I adjust a screw on the supercharger, right away I don’t want to take to him because ken bell said no screw can adjust idle, I hope the dealer can help me. No codes, only 3800 miles, runs smoothly, just idle to high, not comfortable to drive.
  6. I have 2009 gt 500 super snake with a Ken belle super charger, it seem a little high, not sure where to go, what to do, Shelby never put the tuner in my car on delivery, I’m on east coast near NJ
  7. MY CSM #09SS0060 Super Snake Coupe Grabber Orange / Shelby 427 Nascar Pace Car Edition #424 of 427 Horse Power 725 Orange interior upgrade from Gary Disney. Levittown PA.
  8. This is my 2009 nascar 427 pace car edition, only 1 orange super snake made in 2009 with 427 nascar pace edition
  9. too whom it may concern I notice that my car was not on the 427 list. I own a grabber Orange 2009 GT500 SUPER SNAKE nascar 427 limited edition I am number #424 out of #427 and my super snake number is 09SS0060,VIN #1ZVHT88S495131556 this means that I am the only orange super snake in 2009 which the list that you have does not include my car. I also have car, number #426 of #427 and my car is a white 2009 GT500 with VIN#1ZVHT88S095137807, This car is the only interior upgrade with the seats and door panels in white, with the 427 interior package upgrade, the was approved by Amy Borlin, which
  10. I called 4 times about my order, with no returned phone call back or responce?
  11. Roger was a great guy from shelby, sorry to hear him go.
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-2013-Shelby-GT500-Super-Snake-Wheel-/121039675383 This wheel is 20x9 incase to fix major curb damage. If you own a real super snake and you need a front wheel.
  13. I want everyones opinion before I send it to Shelby Auto to get it super snake 800 HP Or should I buy a 2013 GT500?
  14. I just want to thank everybody for your comments about (SUPER SNAKE WOULD BE MADE IF SHELBY ORDERED MORE). The reason why Shelby had a new run made was because of my Thread and all the comments that everyone made here. I can’t thank everyone enough for your help and for your comments, about making another run. From the very first time I seen these wheels, I was very impressed. Thanks JER for all your help. Stephen Donapel.
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