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  1. Wondering what the market effect will be on the 13/14 GT350's now that Ford has unveiled the 16? When Shelby introduces their own plans for the 2016 GT350 - what will that do to the market value of the 350's built to date?
  2. Man I love those wheels Jeff! I've checked out your site, but want to make sure I know something for sure. What finish is on the wheels in your signature pic?
  3. Trying to understand the warranty on the GT350 program. A 624 horsepower car has no warranty? A 525 horsepower car has warranty? Is it a Ford warranty, Shelby warranty or dealership third party warranty? How long is the warranty for? Does Ford cover the car at all since it's a GT Mustang? Anything else I'm missing here?
  4. Great price! About 15-20 K lower than Manny at Gaudin. How'd you find it? Manny says he's got them all.
  5. Agreed. It's the only way they can keep the doors open. So be careful out there before you shell out the $$$ for a number.
  6. Ha! I'm back to just Joe Average. No more K Ray for me. She's gone. Waiting for the release of GT350 parts. Might build a copy. Life isn't better with a numbered plate. In fact, I think it might be a little worse. Good luck with the hood hunt. Now that the splitters are out, AJ might release a "close copy" of the hood for 900 bucks! That will be one tight lookin vert! Send me a pic!
  7. We should start a poll. I too would like some knock off 350 parts. One way or another, it seems it will only be a matter of time before they become available. EVERYTHING becomes available eventually from SPP.
  8. Agreed they are still too new for deep discounts. I doubt there will be much movement until Gaudin Ford sees the new Ford GT350 on the truck being off loaded. Worry will grow. KR history will repeat. Of course, maybe the 13 on EBay with bids currently topping out in the high 50's low 60's might sell to European buyers for the mid 90's the are asking. But aren't they going to start selling the new Mustangs over in Europe this fall, maybe even the Ford 350's? Or maybe people in the US who didn't want to pay Shelby's price to get a GT350 spec'd to their heart's desire will pay more to Ga
  9. There has only been one modern era Ford that has increased in value since day 1. The Ford GT. There is no version of a Shelby Mustang that is spoken of in the same breath as a Ford GT. All others have depreciated and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, to think otherwise is simply not supported by recent history. Like it or not.
  10. If you think your post-title GT350 has any more providence than a pre-titled KR - I have a bridge to sell you. Fact is all of these late model special edition Shelbys are riding the depreciation train - big time. Why do you suppose Shelby sold all these GT350's to Ford Dealerships at steep discounts? The dealerships surely didn't pay full retail to Shelby for a multiple unit order. Shelby sold them at discount to the dealers because they didn't have the orders at the price they were charging to complete their 100 car build. They didn't want to keep the order banks open - AFTER - the
  11. Wondering why all the GT350's at the dealership seem to have around 200 miles on them. Are these Shelby test miles, transport miles, or test drive miles? Is it true the 624 horse version has no engine warranty?
  12. I think it will hurt the value of these 350's badly. The public won't differentiate between them other than knowing one has the latest style and tech. I'm sure Shelby will take what Ford has done and offer up a GT350R upfitters package. The dealer holding these GT350's will lose their shirt. As per 50% off for a gently used one, lets not go down that road. Let's just not. Former KR owner.
  13. So considering a GT350 from one of the Vegas dealers that bought up a lot of GT350's. Wondering what the cost of the different horsepower versions were when they were being sold by Shelby - loaded. Also wondering if they will move on their prices and what a reasonable offer might be?
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