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  1. Has anyone powder coated Shelby SuperSnake Alcoa wheels? How did you get the dura-bright finish off before powder coating?
  2. Tim Can you call me concerning the SuperSnake Alcoa's A or B 515-298-1430 07SS0619
  3. That's what I have, a Shelby shifter arm thats bolted onto a FRPP shifter. I don't recall a option to upgrade to a Shelby Shifter (03-09 when my car was in Las Vegas for the Super Snake conversion) I have not purshased a different shifter yet.
  4. I must have the earlier version. My shifter is a billet arm with "CS/SHELBY" on the side
  5. Thanks for your reply. I looked at my invoice from shelby that listed all item numbers and it shows that a SVT Short Throw Shifter was installed. # M-7210-B This shifter is shown in the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog. Is this a MGW shifter?
  6. I have a 07 GT500 SuperSnake. What is involved in installing the new six speed shifter that is being sold by Shelby Performance Parts? They say that instructions are included but not available to view prior to purshase. Any body have any answers to my question?
  7. For my birthday my wife purchased the Shelby GT 500 High Performance Fuel Rails (Blue) along with the Fuel Rail Adapter. The Parts people told her that installation instructions came with the parts. Well, installation notes came but no instructions. Also, no fittings or connectors are included. Has any one installed these fuel rails? I have a 07 supersnake convertible with the 5.4 605 engine. Looking for some help.
  8. I was told that they only made 201 427's I own a 07 GT 500 SS 427 Red convertible and I'm keeping mine!
  9. I purshased a Dynotech Drive Shaft for my 07 Super Snake Convertible and I'm ready to install it. Is there anything that I should know concerning the proper installation? Have heard about issues with vibrations, etc. with GT 500's that have been converted to a Super Snake. By the way, I purshased the Shaft from Shelby which didn't come with instructions but I have been able to get the one page instuctions from Dynotech. Does any body have any comments?
  10. I used Accurate Auto. Excellent !! I live in Iowa and the service was great. The driver was calling me(several times) to let me know where he was located to give me a time for delivery.
  11. I talked with bud at SAI he said 725kb Needs colder plugs. Ford racing 605hp Does not need Colder plugs. I also talked with ford racing to. They sad the same thing.
  12. Dose the 605hp ford racing SS upgrade need upgrade ngk plugs? Ore is 725Kb SS upgrade only?
  13. Thanks for your reply. My son and I will try to solve this problem. I'm the one with the money and he is the one with the know how! Will let you know how it turns out.
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