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  1. Interesting that I went to start the car today and it only cranks but won’t fire. Haven't run it for about 3 months or so. A few minutes later I get a strong smell of gas. I look around and see some gas on the floor on the passenger side of the engine. I look further to see where it’s coming from and it looks to be seeping from one of the injectors, right where it seats into the block. Thinking a blocked injector and lack of proper pressure is preventing the engine from firing. They are the original injectors wondering if this is linked to the fluctuating pressure. I guess it’s time to i
  2. I believe so. It is the stock Shelby 725SS build. I have made no modifications or upgrades. GT
  3. I have a similar issue. Was thinking to change out the regulator under the hood thinking it was bad and if that didn’t work change the gauge. GT
  4. That's about where mine idles...typically between 750 and 850 RPM. Its a 2007. If you are looking for service you can reach out to Shelby and see if there is a Ford dealer near you that sells the current Shelby line up. If they sell the up-fitted cars/trucks they will typically service them as well. Shelby did not deliver a tuner with the car. If you have a tune issue typically you will need to contact Shelby and they will work with your service rep to diagnose the issue. GT
  5. Got mine about 3 weeks back......
  6. Well how fortunes change in 24 hours. I hate to say it but it looks like I will have to back out. Middle of last night house AC craps out and for those that have experienced South Florida this time of the year being without AC is not a pleasure. An unexpected financial set back but I can get over that however then the shop that is powder coating a chassis for a project car my son and I are working on calls this morning and said it will be done on Friday and he needs me to pick it up this weekend as he has no space to store it due to incoming projects next week. No flexibility. If I don't pi
  7. So is anyone coming up from the south side through Atlanta into Boone on Saturday? Still working on clearing my schedule but if I can make it work I will head up Friday late afternoon with an overnight somewhere in North Florida and run Saturday into Boone. Looking to see if anyone running a similar route and wants to coordinate a meetup somewhere. GT
  8. Okay just checked and saw you guys got rain delayed. I guess its time to dust off the car and see about reservations and getting some time off work...... GT
  9. I would be up for a Friday afternoon departure for the Florida team. The only issue I have is that I am not sure I can make the 29th event date due to a family commitment. I am ok with the rain date.....go figure.... Still trying resolve family commitment without ending up in the dog house for life.... GT
  10. Does anyone have any insight or tips on how to de-pin the TPS connector on an 07-09 mustang gt? Doing a TVS install and need to change the connector housing for the new throttle body. I have a de-pinning tool and know the white part of the connector has to be slid forward before trying to de-pin the connector but that's about it. I can't figure how to release the connector from the housing with the tool. Any help would be be appreciated. Thxs GT
  11. Interested...just depends on date and if I can get the time off..... GT
  12. He could also just pick up a used engine and install that. There are typically 3 or 4 low mileage ones on eBay at reasonable prices. GT
  13. That is my biggest fear with Servicing the car. I actually purchased a replacement splitter a few years back as an insurance policy as my splitter had already had a small chip from road debris. I don't drive the 40th much but service always worries me. GT
  14. I am using 20 mm spacers to clear the Brembos on my car. Have had no issues. Only real pain is removing and installing the front spacers as I do track the car on occasion and run dedicated track tire setup.
  15. As a side note on the ramps, race ramps also has a ramp option for car lifts that are designed for lowered cars. They are even lighter than the aluminum ramps and work really well with lowered mustangs. As for the width, once you drive on two or three times you get the hang of it and it's amazing how easy it is to get the car centered and aligned on the first shot without a spotter. Just make sure the lift comes with wheel chocks that you can preset. That way you can stop the car in the same place every time.
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