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  1. I have a 2006 Phaeton. Pre-emission diesel and love it. 40' w/4 slides. Tons of room and enough power to pull our Grand Cherokee every where we go.
  2. My dad was a Deputy Sheriff that died on the job in Del Norte County California. i have emailed for a flyer and plan to attend this special event. Thanks
  3. I finally got a day off to take the car in to Citrus Ford in Ontario. Body Shop manager took a look and said he would be happy to fix the problem, under warranty. They are ordering the stripe kit and will call when it comes in so I can drop the car off. Looks like I finally found a body shop that isn't afraid to take on a GT500. Things are looking up. :happy feet:
  4. To renew my unexpired registration on my 2009 GT500..........$536. Let's hear it for California. With "moonbeam" in charge now it is bound to go up. If $536 sounds bad, you should see the 4 digit registration on my motorhome!!!
  5. I spoke to the SVT rep today and he confirmed that the stripes on a GT500 are covered under the 3/36K warranty. Said that it is up to the individual dealership as to 1) whether or not they would do the work and 2) if thy recommend it be covered by the warranty. I was told that if a dealership claimed it was a Shelby issue I could have them call SVT and they would confirm that the stripes are a Ford item and covered under the 3/26K but could not force the dealership to take on the job. Also, it would be up to the dealership to determine that it is a manufacture defect and not a customer caus
  6. The 427 package didn't touch the stripes so it is a Ford issue. Because I was insistent on the vista blue w/white I drove about 250 miles to a dealer that had one. Since it is a Ford issue I think I should be able to go to any Ford dealer to get it fixed. I could go to any Ford dealer and they would happy to change my oil, why not fix a warranty item? It's not like they are loosing money. Hopefully when I contact SVT on Monday they can finally get this straightened out. The thing that really irks me is that they hear Shelby and automatically think of the SGT issue and dismiss me. They a
  7. I started to have a problem with the white stripe on my 2009GT500, it was bubbling on the tail panel between the tail lights. Now it has actually started peeling off. I have been to 3 Ford dealers in my area and each has looked at the stripe, agreed it is a problem and took digital photos. One dealer said they could not fix the problem until Shelby authorized the work. I tried to explain to him that Shelby did not put the stripes on the GT500, Ford did this. After a heated discussion he suggested I look for service at another dealer. The 2 other dealers wrote the problem up and said they
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    Glad I could make it happen
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