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  1. and thats its....this is a steel for all these parts. dont miss out.
  2. Not sure if this can be posted here but didn't see any other place for it. I have a whole bunch of fox body parts I am helping a friend sell. He would like to try to sell everything as a package deal, but will part out if he has to. Please contact him with any questions.. robstern100@yahoo.com cell 201-370-9191 Looking to get $4500 for everything as a package deal. Hooker headers for 351w for Fox body p/n 6223 new Edelbrock Alum heads 202 intake valves, new…need to have one seal repaired MSD distributor p/n 8384, soft touch p/n 8738, ign box p/n 6200, coil p/n 8223 with manuals O
  3. Man I thought I was gonna get my balls busted for asking the question, thanks for the info guys......I have been a weekend worrier working on Fox body Mustangs for years. I built my old 10 second 91 all myself, but with all this new technoligy I am always second guessing myself even when it comes to the simplest things. They make 20 differnt kinds of trans fluids and oils now a days, it's crazy. Pocking hole in filter, aluim foil, plastic bag all seem like good ideas. I used to work at a repair shop on weekends back in the day and I knew someone who left the old o ring on the block when chan
  4. I have to do my first oil change on my Shelby....Any tips or tricks I should be aware of?
  5. So is this like a Mustang showdown type weekend like Etown has?
  6. I'm pretty new to the Shelby seen, what does NMRA stand for? Is the Atco your referring to the one in Jersey?
  7. Spoke to Rich from CJ, he is working to correct my issue's, I will update you tomorrow.
  8. As some of you may know I picked up an 07 GT500 about 2 months ago. I have been looking around the forums and learning about the car as much as I could. I had decieded that I wanted to install a KR shorth throw shifter. Someone had given me a gift card for CJ Pony Parts, so I went to there web site and found that they sell the KR shifter. There price was $185, which after searching around seemed to be a good deal. Well the gift card was supposed to be for $50. I place the order over their website and enter in my gift card #. When I go to check out it wasn't showing the $50 credit from the card
  9. See not such a simple answer, lol. Thanks for the info guys.
  10. Actually a few stupid questions. Friends of mine keep asking me if I have a Cobra. The GT500 is not a Cobra right? I know it has the Cobra emblems but... Does Ford even still make a Cobra like they did since like '93. I don't recall seeing any of the '06 and newer models being made with a Cobra package. Somebody school me, lol.
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