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  1. It's with great sadness that I revive this thread for Ben's wife, Debbie. Ben passed away last Tuesday while we were all preparing for the Bash of congestive heart failure. Debbie has asked me to sell the car for her. If anyone is interested it has 10,200 miles and has always been garaged, never wrecked, and maintained and upgraded by my shop since new. I will offer it here for sale first, if no bites I will put it on ebay for her. Price $42K or best reasonable offer. All upgrades are in this build thread. Alex
  2. Haha Pat, I will arrive on Tuesday the 3rd evening.... Alex
  3. Here's one: Who has worked on, modified, bought/sold/consigned, done the most preventative maintenance, and fixed the most Razor wheels of all the 40th's? Alex
  4. Tracey and the gang did the best job ever. Everything was fantastic this year. Tracey, you're the best! Alex
  5. I agree, I've talked with Allan about him writing a book about his racing, his friendship with Carroll, and other exciting things he has done with his life. He is an amazing man.
  6. My fiend Allen Grant featured on Jay Leno's Garage. Allen was very happy to have his beautiful Lola GT featured on the show and explains how this car was the pre-cursor to the Ford GT40. If you are attending the BASH, don't hesitate to introduce yourself to Allen. He loves talking cars and is a great guy! Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUBmDu3HXaU Alex
  7. Here's some from 2009: Some of Carroll's cars in Gardena..... a few of the then engine shop in Gardena where both aluminum FE and small blocks were going together: and a few outside Gardena before we left for Vegas: Alex
  8. Monday afternoon as I usually do as there is much less traffic.... Alex
  9. I know I have not posted for a long time, but I do still read posts , I just don't reply often. Congrats, Chris on your Avalanche/blue stripe GT350. Beautiful car and now you are in CA, so you have no excuse to not come for a visit. Avalanche is almost an identical match to Smoke from 87-89. I had a Saleen that was the only car built in that color. Alex
  10. LOL, Of course!! It's a really fun little car. I added some other gooies to it and it now makes 350 HP at the wheels. It's like a go cart. One of my favorite Shelby's to drive! Alex
  11. I have seen this time and time again with intermittent shut down issues....as Warren already stated, check ECU (computer) and also verify all grounds. Many Ford dealers don't spend the needed time to diagnose. I can bet you money it will be a bad ground, shorted ECU, or loose connection. Ford's computer systems are among the best, but as with anything, when there is a bad ground connection, someone arcs the battery, jump starts incorrectly, or leaves the key on when jump starting, there is a huge chance you fry the ECU.... Alex
  12. Welcome...Many AZ and West Coast members on here!! Alex
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