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  1. I have an 07 GT500 and have kept it almost stone stock--added the Ford Racing tune and cold air intake some years ago. I've always wanted just slightly more aggressive exhaust note and a friend of mine says he has some KR mufflers for me. My question is--are they the Bullitt mufflers or the FR500 mufflers? I thought the Shelby GT's came with Bullitt mufflers and I like that sound, but what are the "KR" mufflers? Thanks in advance!
  2. I searched the forum but didn't come up with what I wanted. I have an 07 GT500 vert and, of course, the leather insert in the door panel is coming off. It has done this before and I repaired both of them, but now the driver's side is peeling off again. Got a Spring Break road trip planned and I want to get it fixed before that. What I'm looking for is the type/kind/brand of glue that's best for this application. I don't recall what I used before, obviously it didn't work as well on the driver's side as the passenger, and I can't find any suitable glue in my workshop that reminds me of
  3. Mustang Sally's Restoration Shop "0" Gauge Menard's exclusive! I got one last night in Evansville, IN. Only one I saw! Sorry the images are so small! I think the scale is just right for my Hallmark American Muscle collection......I'll post pics when I'm done with diorama. Here's the location. https://www.menards.com/main/home-decor/toys-recreation/train-stuff/o-gauge-sallys-restoration-shop/p-1489386348873-c-13318.htm?tid=-2494378033654612105&ipos=14
  4. About a month ago I had to have the slave cylinder replaced on my 07 GT 500. Extended warranty issues abound, but got it taken care of for minimum $$$. But now, the car is MUCH harder to get into reverse than it was before. Dealer is of no help, "Well, you know it's supposed to be harder so you don't put it in reverse instead of 5th." Of course, I do, you moron, I've been driving the car for 9 years! My problem is that it's not like it was BEFORE you worked on it! Any thoughts? They say there's no linkage adjustment...... Thanks in advance! Hal
  5. I was fortunate, as well. I was right on the cusp of extended warranty being expired, clutch started slipping, took it to dealer with all my maintenance and warranty and TSB info. $100 and a new "2010" clutch went in. Completely changed the character of the car. Light, easy to use, never-stall, so much better than the original. About a month ago, the slave cylinder died. Was supposed to be covered under the extended warranty I purchased after original ran out. Nope, sorry about your luck, $1100. I fussed at the dealer, salesman who sold me warranty is long gone, he told me "everything"
  6. So, would anyone be interested in them for free? Just pay shipping from 42240 and they're yours!
  7. Super cool truck! If I win the lottery, I'll order one immediately! In the meantime, I would be very interested in take-off parts from these conversions, especially the wheels. Who would I contact about that? Thanks!
  8. Mine is a very early 07 and the clutch was awful! I've driven straight shifts all my life and I could never launch the car aggressively or not, without a lot of shuddering or tire smoke.....just awful. Had the TSB done with original style clutch--no improvement. Clutch began to slip badly before I had 30k on the clock, under ESP warranty, so for $100 they installed the 10 and later clutch......different car, much better car, much more enjoyable, driveable, useable, fun car! The clutch is easy, light and still holds 500+ horsepower easily. Had I not changed to this clutch, I would have pro
  9. $927 to replace the leaking clutch slave cylinder......."We'll check with the warranty (that I purchased from them), but I think that's a maintenance item, and probably not covered." The slave cylinder is a maintenance item????? Yeah, if I had fried the clutch doing donuts and burn outs, I'd not say a word about replacing the clutch itself--maintenance, but the hydraulic slave cylinder?????? We gonna go to the reeeeeeal fine print on this one. On the other hand, the trans was rebuilt under warranty with less than 6000 miles on it--cost me zero. Just before the original warranty ran out
  10. So, this morning, wife was going in Mustang while I ran errands that demanded the truck, but when she went to start it, it lurched. That ain't supposed to happen! She tried it again and it did it again. She finally wrenched it out of reverse, started it and drove away normally........then I noticed this puddle in the garage floor. Clutch cylinder fluid? Of course it happened on Friday. I can't call dealer until Monday........... Whaddya think?
  11. In the process of cleaning out closets and attic for an upcoming garage sale, I ran across my collection of Mustang Monthly's. Would anyone be interested in them? I have 93, 94, 95, 97 & 98 complete, 96 missing March, 92 missing December, 90 missing Oct & Nov. I have no idea what happened to 1991! Several "special" issues in those years featuring Shelby Mustangs and the Man himself. They're all well worn, well read, in that time period I traded my '72 convertible (351C 4V automatic) for a '92 LX convertible (5.0 5 speed) so I soaked up every issue. I don't know.....how about
  12. I hit 9 years in August. My car was the first delivered to the dealer and served as the showroom centerpiece for it's first (almost) 2 years. I bought it in August 08. Racked up 57+k since. She's become more of our "road trip" car than our "weekend car". Never fails to turn heads, never fails to impress me with her performance. Recent 1500+ mile trip to Myrtle Beach on Spring Break, averaged 18-19 mpg and while I know it's not intended to be an economy car, that's a far cry from my '72 Mustang convertible with a 351C 4V, which struggled to achieve 11 mpg on a good day. On the other hand
  13. I've been trying to get a business account. In the store, they tell you, "We'll get them in touch with you." but never do! I finally contacted Verizon business directly online Monday and received an email saying, "We'll get back to you shortly." Haven't yet......same ol, same ol! I'm really, REALLY tired of dealing with them! Got any insights on small business accounts? There are 3 of us with company phones and the bill is $250+ ! It's killing me!
  14. I appreciate that, I'm trying to get it done today/tomorrow! Time is short!
  15. Thank you all! I doused it good with WD40 this afternoon and letting it sit over night. So far 3 of the 6 auto parts stores in town have nothing like what is recommended above........they can order it......geeze, it's less than $10 bucks and they don't keep it in stock--they don't even have a battery terminal puller! The NAPA store is my last hope!
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