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  1. I'll try to reach out when I'm coming down, maybe we could meet up. I have several friends both in Austin and San Antonio you might be able to plug into. Have you thought about signing up for the COTA event in February?
  2. Sweet! That's my dream house, barndaminiums are really cool. Not far from where I live now they built a community of them, 2-5 acre lots with beautiful barndaminiums on each. Lower level all workshop and garage and 2000 - 4200 sf living space on the second and third floors.
  3. Well Welcome to the Great state of Texas!! I actually live in the Dallas area but travel down there every other week for work. Lived in North Austin for years and loved the car culture down there. Coming from the West Coast I will tell you now get ready for allergies to kick in living in the Hill Country.
  4. I installed Bilsteins all around last year. Not sure if there the same ones your talking about, my front have the shock portion inverted, supposedly more response than the standard set up. I live in North Dallas and I used a shop called Vorshlag. They do Great work! Absolutely love the ride, I have them combined with the Shelby/BMR Watts Link.
  5. Urika! Why didn't I think of that? I usually use the air hose at the car wash on my daily driver before they wipe it down. I hand wash the Shelby and always have to dry around the mirrors and rear bumper three or four times. This solves the problem, still can't believe I didn't think of this. Thanks
  6. I stuck one on the trunk lid years ago, hasn't fallen off yet, the sticky 3M backing has done its job.
  7. Thanks, by the way very nice install, Thanks for sharing the photo instructions also.
  8. Where did you get the hinged license plate bracket?
  9. Thanks, this is what I have been thinking about doing for years to mine, you gave me the perfect blue print. I've seen a few behind the upper grill but I have always liked this look, reminds me of the 66 GT 350s with race lighting
  10. Went to the one in Plano Tx yesterday and they said the same thing, not on their available list. Checked two Wally Worlds also and no luck. Bummed!
  11. For $12990.00 make an offer and turn it into a track monster.
  12. Wasn't Carroll Shelby from Texas, North Texas spring, summer or fall is always a nice centralized location, smack dab in the center. Texas Motor Speedway has more than enough parking, track and hotels to host this kind of event. Not quit as one sided as having it in Vegas for right coasters.
  13. I replaced my FRPP shocks with a set of inverted Bilstein struts on the front and shocks on the rear and love the ride and handling. Not the cheapest game in town but not to bad. The shop I use actually made a package for Mustang drivers with FRPP springs shocks and struts in one package that made it cheaper and easier to replace everything. Yes I know we already had the springs but not to have to disassemble the front struts was worth the $150.00 dollar package difference. Flattened the cornering a bit and definitely helped the compression.
  14. I installed these and love them, better handling, nice clean install. Just so you know I don't work for Vorshlag I just love their products and the work they've done for me. I cut and pasted this description from their newsletter. New Products Developed and Built By Vorshlag Thank you for your continued support with Vorshlag products. Earlier this year we were able to catch up with our backlog of machined Vorshlag parts using our in-house CNC machines. This has also allowed time to development some new products. Here are two new camber plate designs. Camber/Caster Plates S55
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