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  1. It came, it was fine. I just purchased a 17 SRT so I'm gonna sell it!
  2. I have a heat gun as a powerful hot blow dryer. Which is better?
  3. That's right. I forgot. I want to take the OTT stripes off, I like the clean look.
  4. Funny the original owner said they didn't make 08 verts with stripes. He's obviously mistaken. So that puts this 500 1 of 29 without stripes? Wouldnt the original window sticker show stripes or delete? How can I search window sticker?
  5. The stripes were added not too long ago and the car has been in the garage most of its life has almost never been in the sun
  6. Removing vinyl stripes is it as easy as just heating them up with a blow dryer and peeling?
  7. Thanks guys I am a tiny bit worried about what the driver says he saw. I'm a perfectionist I know nothing is perfect but I'm hoping.
  8. Well to be honest the car is being delivered tomorrow to me the driver from the closed carrier is the one who told me this who knows what his eyes sees I guess I'll find out tomorrow but he says he handles Lambo and Bugatti's
  9. Is it normal or can it happen that factory has paint run? I found 2 very small magnifying glass ones on my 08 with 400 miles. I remember my 93 cobra had some but that was a different time I thought.
  10. Thank you. I guess they caught on lol they are $90 cheaper
  11. Guys I know all the companies like reliable and Intercity and I've used them before. I have an estimate already on shipping. But does anybody know of a more personalized, maybe one or two car shipping service. From Nebraska to NY.
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