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  1. I've been trying to figure out a way to get the cool "SHELBY" tip covers on a pair of KR mufflers......Has anyone done this? R
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Very Cool!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ R
  3. From the "sound" perspective (not loudness, but sound), Shelby also added an H-pipe on the 2008/09 GT500KR. The 2007-2009 (and I believe 2010 also) GT500 had a X-pipe in the system instead of an H. The X gives a more raspy European sound when the engine is revved and the H gives a more deep tone muscle car sound. I don't know what difference that will make when using the KR mufflers, but I would assume there is a difference or the X would not have been replaced with an H at Shelby....... Here is an original Shelby "clamp-in" H that was used in conjunction with the GT500KR mufflers......
  4. In the lower portion of the first post in the link below, there is a .pdf with 2007-2009 GT500 production numbers, download it, scroll down to 2009 (I am assuming Coupe?)...and do a "stare and compare" to what you own (and is verified by your original window sticker or invoice information)......In the .pdf below, I see 3 - 2009 Coupes Grabber Orange with "none" stripes........and 1 - 2009 Convert. Grabber Orange with "none" stripes.......It is always nice to have "1 of a few" (with documentation to back your claim up), instead of "1 of many"...... The reason why I mentioned comparing wit
  5. Shelby made a 2015 Super Snake also, but it was based on a S550 Mustang GT, not a S197 GT500, so you will want to order parts based on the 2007, but also mention that the car is a later build (2015) when dealing with Shelby. The mention of 2007 will narrow parts to some things that are 2007-2009 specific and get you in the right direction to start with..... Those satin door lock knobs may have been something that they kept installing, but it is such a small item that it was no longer mentioned. The map trim is cool. You will need to verify if your car has ATS (Anti-Theft System) because t
  6. Many 2007-2009 parts have been discontinued/obsoleted over the last few years and actually it has expanded all the way to 2014 so much of the once available S197 GT500 stuff is no longer available. As for Black or Silver, that was the complete block-off plates, there were Silver/Alum. color block-off's also, I have not seen many cars with that option but they are on my original 2008 order sheet from Shelby. As far as I know, all of the Black plates came from the vendor with Silver rivets and the Shelby shop sprayed them to all Black. I am thinking that some of the "Authorized Mod Shops" d
  7. Does your car have the Shelby installed Silver "Satin door lock knobs" that are listed as a standard item in the earier 2007/2008 Super Snake brochure? The satin knobs and the map light accent were Scott Drake items.... R
  8. I am researching the "Aluminum Shelby map light accent" as it is called in the original/earlier 2007/2008 Super Snake information card showing all standard features and options. I will need to look through the newer cards that I have and do a stare and compare....... R
  9. First of all, your car has the Modulare 3-Piece wheels and not the 2007-2012 Alcoa's? and you Super Snake hood is heat extractor functional, but not ram air functional? There have been some parts vendor changes over the years of Super Snake production, but "usually" the parts follow the previous design from any outward look. As for removing the 1/4 window block-off plates.....those may be a pain to get off. Unlike the 1/4 window scoops that stick to the body paint and can be removed with mineral spirits and a plastic spatula, the block-off's wrap around the edge of the window and it
  10. Scroll down in the link below and it "may" help, there are a couple of A/C delete options at the bottom, but they are for KB set ups. https://www.revanracing.com/products/gates-racing-belts.html R
  11. Thank you, and yes.......but how could your car be expected or required to have a -20 E.O. sticker (dated mid-2011) or a -28 E.O. sticker (dated mid to late-2015) when those E.O's were dated well past the time of your cars build/certification? Your emission tester needs to dig a little deeper into the certs (and dates of certs.) for your model year, I believe the -17 will be found to be acceptable once a little more research is done at the tester level. "If" by chance you are required to have the E.O. -20 or even more current E.O. -28, you will need to contact KB. If you need an email address
  12. My 2008 had it's oem assy. line Motorcraft for just over 3 years (new in 2008), a 100 month Motorcraft replacement that crapped out at about 5 years and was prorated with a replacement 100 month Motorcraft for $55 and I have not had that issue, my original 2008 terminals still look new. <<<Knock on plastic!! Now I can say that one of the Motorcraft replacement batteries that I installed in my 1997 Ranger does have a leaky area around the positive post and has caused corrosion, but that was not the norm with the many Motorcraft batteries that I have purchased over the years.......
  13. Ok, and here is the ,pdf for the E.O. -28........ https://ww3.arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermkt/devices/eo/d-271-28.pdf So it is dated 2015 and covers the 2013/14 5.8 GT500's also. In the end, yours really should be correct and covered under the E.O. -17 because nothing emissions wise changed for the 2007-2010 GT500's, the 2010 even kept the 2007-2009 2.5" oem exhaust size and O2 monitoring. Only if your guy is a "real stickler" about 2010 not being on the list, should this be an issue..... Sorry to add so many posts......Inquiring minds had to know....... R
  14. ABOVE^^^It copied and pasted weird, but read down about half way and the GT500 is specifically mentioned. And then the related .pdf, also specifically mentioning GT500, but 2007-2009, not 2010..... https://ww3.arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermkt/devices/eo/d-271-17.pdf So my guess is that Shelby had 2.8 kits on the shelf that fit the 5.4 DOHC GT500 and your car got one of those kits that had the "then correct" 2007-2009 GT500 CA emissions sticker included in the box, and it was not until June of 2011 when a newer E.O. -20 was issued for the GT500 application........and now there has been
  15. So further research on the Kenne Bell site in the FAQ shows your E.O number, which does include the Shelby GT500 in the description, but only up to 2009. This document is dated mid-late 2008...... EO: D-271-17 View PDF EO Date: 2008-09-05 Manufacturer Name: Kenne Bell, Inc. Device: TS Series Supercharger Device Type: Supercharger System / Supercharger Modification Part_Number: Model_Specification: Modification_Allowed: Remarks: See PDF 1986 to 2009 Ford vehicles
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