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  1. Easy to tell in the 2008 SS. If it's a Kenne Bell supercharger it's the 725 version. 500 hp would be a Ford Racing supercharger.
  2. I purchased the Ford Performance shift ball and want to replace the stock shift knob. I'm trying to remove the shift knob by turning counter-clockwise, but this thing doesn't want to come off. Is there some trick to removing them?
  3. I would try Gary Disney at designerautoaccessories.com It was a long time ago, but that's who I bought mine from.
  4. Attending both days. Let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather!
  5. Thought I was going to tackle the install of the coolant tank on my GT350 this weekend, but realized that if you have the Ford Performance oil/air separator installed, it blocks the location of the overflow port that comes off the back of the tank just below the cap. Definitely not a direct replacement part! After further research, looking at purchasing the Granatelli M/S tank. Looks like it will be a direct swap without interfering with the oil/air separator. May be looking for a buyer of the Shelby tank I bought.
  6. Sorry I missed seeing you. I had my GT350 on track on Thursday. Had a blast!
  7. Anyone find a set of aftermarket engine caps for the 2016 GT350 yet? Looking for some like the ones SPP made for the 2010 thru 14's - http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/S12M-6766-B.htm Or, wondering if these will fit the 2016, even though you would have some unused caps in the set?
  8. Tried to see if I could still order a set of the pace car graphics from Shelby Performance Parts, but nobody I talked to there seemed to have a clue what I was asking for. Anyone have an idea of how I could order a set of these if they are still out there???
  9. I don't know anything about the eBay prices you're referencing, but I bought a '16 GT350 from a dealer, and could have bought a second one for some of the numbers you're sharing. Some people have purchased them at sticker or with fairly minimal ADM's; that's fact. Also, if anyone doesn't like the exhaust note of the stock GT350, no problem. Just scroll through the settings and change it to track mode. Then your neighbors will know you're home! I definitely wouldn't expect anyone who owns the earlier SAI 350's to be disappointed. They're amazing cars in their own right. The new GT350 is
  10. Already registered for the event and looking forward to the additional Team Shelby add on!!!
  11. +1 to all the points you made!!! I have the track pack on mine, so definitely a difference in the Recaro seats. Agreed the sport setting on the exhaust is amazing!
  12. The front splitter says SHELBY and this car is fantastic! Don't really care what someone else thinks. Once you get in the seat of this bad boy, you're too busy enjoying the ride to worry about where it came from. You're just grabbing the steering wheel and enjoying the road ahead! Just know that Ford did an amazing job on this one.
  13. Interested in a set of track tires/wheels. Not a hard core tracker, just want to take an occasional day at the local road course in the novice division. To avoid any wear and tear on the super snake wheels, I was looking at picking up a set for track use. Can anyone tell me if these WON'T fit??? AMR Mustang Wheel staggered set-up: Front = 19x8.5 - 5.93" back spacing w/ 255/40-19 tires Rear = 19x10 - 7.4 back spacing w/ 285/35-19 tires
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