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  1. I don't believe front and rear brake calipers are interchanable - they are not with Baer for certain. They may look the same and mount the same, but they are different.
  2. It's repairable as a convertible or something....
  3. 1. Ukraine won't acheive NATO status because of the disputed territory Russia now has. 2. The E.U. is broke and dysfunctional. 3. You're going to have to convince NATO and/or EU countries to commit troops to move in against Russia? For what? The Ukraine? German, Italian, French citizens, etc. are not going to buy it.
  4. If there's one thing the Germans shouldn't be doing is aggitating the Russians.
  5. There were talks about building a GT500KR convertible and that's where they ended.
  6. Do you mean the hood vents? I do not believe that Shelby has any NOS hood vents, however, I could be wrong. You don't want to lose one of those.
  7. Mere peace keepers. The Bundeswehr is only a shadowy midget of the previous Germany armies.
  8. Ford can also call it the Cobra, which they own.
  9. It's time that someone comes clean - the data is long gone. You'll never see a complete registry regarding SGT production numbers - period. Sorry.
  10. It does fit and with pleanty of margin to spare. You'll like the future. Consider the jump that Ford made from the SVT Cobra Terminator to the GT500 and it was a huge accomplishment. Than, Ford went and made incremental changes ending with the 2014 GT500, which was/is a total beast. The next-generation GT350 will be awesome and key, Key, KEY players are involved in its development.
  11. SIP is the Shelby annual magazine, which is published once each year - it generally comes out in November.
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